Salvage Auto Auction in Webster, NH

Copart Webster has numerous salvage title and clean title truck, trailers, cars and boats that are available to you at online auctions. Register with Autobidmaster who is a registered broker of Copart to find out more about how online auctions are conducted.

The auctions are held online through the use of special software called Copart VB2. How Copart´s VB2 works: Copart's online auction technology (patented), VB2, is an acronym for Virtual Bidding, 2nd Generation. VB2 is what allows Copart to conduct their vehicle auctions online, eliminating the need for a live in person auction.Watch the video to see how it works today!

At the Copart Webster location, you can find countless motorcycles, automobiles, and all-terrain vehicles with clean salvage titles. Find out how Autobidmaster can assist you in driving in style with a road-ready or repairable damage vehicle from Copart Webster.

At Copart Webster you can find your favorite salvage vehicles up for auction such as the Chevy Malibu LS, in near-new condition. The best deals on salvage Dodge Caliber and Avenger models can be found at Copart Webster.

The address to Copart Webster is 111 Dear Meadow Rd, Webster, New Hampshire 03303

Directions to the Copart Webster location: From the I-93 North, take exit 15W to merge onto I-393/US 202 W toward US3/N Main St, continue to follow 202 W. Turn right onto Buton St, continue on to North State St which turns into Fisherville Rd, turn left onto Bog Rd, continue onto Horse Hill Rd then Black Water Rd until you reach Dear Meadow Rd.

The phone number is 603-746-8110.

Office Hours:8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

When you register with Autobidmaster,you can choose from numerous, in-demand salvage automobiles, all-terrains, and trucks at the Copart Auto Auction for considerably less than new or used vehicles elsewhere. If you own an auto body shop or you need to drive in style, you can purchase a model with a clean or a salvage title; the bidding begins online! Feel free to look through the entire Copart inventory to find your ideal vehicle!

What you need to gain access to Copart Websterin order to inspect a vehicle:

The Copart Webster has a wide variety of popular salvage makes. If you register with Autobidmaster TODAY, you can purchase high-quality models for up to 60% off the price of used car lots.

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Office Hours:
8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Inspect the vehicles at Copart Auto Auctions
All vehicles are sold AS IS, WHERE IS. All bids are binding and all sales are final. AutoBidMaster makes no claims or guarantees as to the condition or roadworthiness of any vehicle available for auction. It is strongly recommended that you inspect any vehicle you're interested in prior to bidding on it. Registered members of AutoBidMaster may visit any Copart facility in the US or Canada to inspect a vehicle in person. Copart charges a $25 fee per person for each yard visit. Visitors will need their AutoBidMaster bidder # and account password to gain access to the yard. Vehicle preview is available one day prior to the sale day and until one hour before the start of the live auction. AutoBidMaster offers an inspection service for members who are unable to visit the Copart Auction Yard in person.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 10:00am EST 135
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 10:00am EST 17
Live Auctions are held EVERY TUESDAY at 10:00am EST