Salvage Rsx Acura Automobile for Auctions

ACURA RXS FOR SALE. Honda offers the Acura RSX, or “Rally Sportscar eXperimental,” available in “Type S” and base models in North America. Most popular in Canada, the vehicle comes in Premium, which boasts alloy wheel, a leather interior, and a sunroof. The Acura RXS for sale uses double-wishbone suspension in the rear and MacPherson struts in the front. Its K-series engine provides unparalleled turning and features electronically adjusted valve lift, giving this 2.0 liter engine a relatively flat torque curve.

All Acura RXS for sale utilize timing chains rather than belts, which reduces required maintenance significantly. The model has an optional automatic transmission, although most enthusiasts prefer the standard five-speed manual. This Acura served as the final generation of the Honda Integra, and production ceased in 2007.

Although Honda discontinued the Acura RXS, you can find high-quality, minimal-damage salvage Acura RXS models with Copart Auto Auctions. Join AutoBidMaster to buy a salvage Acura RXS for sale, some with clean titles available in categories like repossessions and recovered thefts, auctioned by Copart.

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