Salvage Fiesta Ford Automobile for Auctions

FORD FIESTA FOR SALE.The Ford Fiesta, a front-wheel drive subcompact auto, has been in production since 1967 and marketed worldwide. By 2010, these sixth-generation autos were again introduced to the North American marketplace after their U.S. discontinuation in 1980. The sedan and hatchback Fiestas boast a quiet cabin, refined driving experience, and countless available add-ons. Join AutoBidMaster to purchase a late-model Ford Fiesta for sale, auctioned by Copart.

Proving that subcompact does not equate subpar, a 1.6 liter V4 under the hood produces an impressive 120 horsepower. The auto comes available in three trim levels, with base standards including 15-inch wheels, power accessories, and a comprehensive sound system. The cabin has a premium feel with metallic accents, edgy styling, and the available Sync system. AutoBidMaster makes it easy to buy a Ford Fiesta for sale, auctioned by Copart, with little, if any, damage.

Due to their small stance and fuel efficiency, salvage Ford Fiesta models make choice investments for commuting, everyday driving, and city driving. Copart Auto Auctions houses countless Ford Fiesta salvage sedans and hatchbacks, some with clean titles.

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