Salvage Expo Mitsubishi Automobile for Auctions

MITSUBISHI EXPO FOR SALE.  The Mitsubishi Expo is a loaf-shaped vehicle produced from 1992 to 1995 that was ahead of its time in terms of size and style. It was too big to be a station wagon but not really large enough to be a minivan. It wasn’t a hatchback, and it certainly wasn’t an SUV. It was a handy, practical, versatile vehicle with real get-up-and-go. The Sport version had a 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 136 horsepower, which was not merely adequate but fast and spirited. The cargo and passenger areas were generous and comfortable, and it had a quality body.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a Mitsubishi Expo for sale, these attractive, reliable vehicles are no longer produced. However, Copart Auto Auctions has a vast selection of salvage Mitsubishi Expo vehicles for parts to keep your Mitsubishi Expo running. AutoBidMaster, a registered broker for Copart Auto Auctions, lists Mitsubishi Expo for sale. To find the best vehicle for your needs, browse the selection of Mitsubishi salvage today. When you find one you want, just register with AutoBidMaster to bid on win it, no dealer license necessary.

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Check out these vehicles available for bidding now:

2001 FORD FOCUS SE/S 2.0L 4
  • For Sale in: Cartersville, GA
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Damage: FRONT END
  • Current Bid: $70 USD
  • For Sale in: Dallas, TX
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Damage: SIDE
  • Current Bid: $3,050 USD
1997 DODGE RAM 1500 5.2L 8
  • For Sale in: Central Region, *NCS
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Damage: MECHANICAL
  • Current Bid: $275 USD
2012 KIA SORENTO EX 3.5L 6
  • For Sale in: Cartersville, GA
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Damage: SIDE
  • Current Bid: $3,250 USD
1999 HONDA CIVIC LX 1.6L 4
  • For Sale in: Fresno, CA
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Damage: REAR END
  • Current Bid: $175 USD
  • For Sale in: Chicago North, IL
  • Sale Date: 03/30/17
  • Current Bid: $10 USD