Salvage Mirage Mitsubishi Automobile for Auctions

MITSUBISHI MIRAGE FOR SALE.  From 1990 to 2002, the Mitsubishi Mirage was a reliable and affordable car that tended to be well-reviewed and of good quality. Mitsubishi Mirages were cheap. Cabins were well-insulated, quiet, and comfortable. They tended to get good gas mileage, and their road manners were acceptable. Over the years, they were produced in several models, a variety of trims, and optional items, like compact sedans and coupes, with and without power windows and locks, cruise control, spoilers, aluminum wheels, and even sunroofs. You had your choice of manual or automatic transmissions. There were several engine sizes. In 1989, a sport hatchback with a turbocharged engine was produced, and in 1991-92, a GS sedan had a twin-cam engine rated for 123 horsepower (most engines didn’t exceed 113 hp, and some didn’t exceed 92).

If you’re looking for the perfect Mitsubishi Mirage for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Copart Auto Auctions has salvage Mitsubishi Mirage vehicles with clean, non-repairable, and salvage titles, in a wide variety of conditions. The Mitsubishi Mirage for sale at Copart range from parts cars to vehicles with years of useful service left in them. If you’re looking for a real bargain, look at the list of Mitsubishi salvage today at Copart’s registered broker, AutoBidMaster.

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