Salvage Leaf Nissan Automobile for Auctions

NISSAN LEAF FOR SALE.  The electric Nissan Leaf is neither a science experiment nor a luxury toy. It was the first electric car that a relatively-average human being could buy outright. It transports five people plus their groceries. The auto does have some unique requirements, however. If you want a Leaf, you need a garage and you should have a 240-volt charger. The maximum effective range for the Leaf is about 100 miles per charge, which means that it is best as a second car or a commuter car. Leafs come in three trims: the S, SL, and SV. The SL and SV permit more aggressive, regenerative braking and, as of the 2013 model year, have a more powerful battery charger that halves recharge time. The motor is 80 Kw and develops some 107 horsepower; it requires a 24 Kw lithium-ion battery pack. Although the Leaf is relatively heavy, it handles well because the below-floor battery mount gives the car a very low center of gravity.

If you need to find a Nissan Leaf for sale, look no further. There are salvage Nissan Leaf autos for sale that you can use for parts, and many drivable ones that cost thousands of dollars less than you would buy new. Take the first step towards finding your Nissan Leaf by searching the many Nissan salvage listings on AutoBidMaster today.

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