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  1. What is Virtual Bidding?
    - Virtual Bidding allows any valid buyer to participate in a live sale and place bids in real-time on the Copart web site. You can still place proxy bids prior to the sale, but if you cannot be there in person for any reason and you have a high speed connection to the Internet, you can log on to the web site, go to the virtual bidding sale you want to see, and place bids as if you were actually there. Of course, all bidding rules apply.

  2. What is VB2?
    - Click here to learn all about VB2.

  3. Who can participate?
    - Any valid buyer may participate in any sale where Virtual Bidding is active.
    - A valid buyer is any buyer who is registered with AutoBidMaster.

  4. How do I join a virtual bidding sale?
    - You must have a valid password to log in to the Copart web site. - After logging in to the Buyer Account, go to the Virtual Bidding home page, then click on the "Current Sales" button or simply click "Enter." The resulting page will list all the virtual bidding sales for that day. If the "Join Now" link is available, you may click on this link to open the Virtual Bidding Start Page for that sale.
    - You do NOT need to bid on any item. If you wish, you can simply view the sale as it progresses. But once you make a bid, your bid is nonrevocable.

  5. Can I participate in more than one virtual bidding sale?
    -Yes, but the performace of your machine will degrade as you join more virtual bidding sales due to the increased traffic.

  6. What are the hardware and software requirements for my PC?
    a. A connection to the Internet is required.
    b. Please review questions 16-18 at the bottom of this page.

  7. What if I can't connect to the virtual bidding sale?
    - Ensure that port 5200 and 5201 are open. If you are running another application that uses either of these ports then you will not be able to connect. Try closing all other programs that are running. - If you are behind a firewall, be sure ports 5200 and 5201 are open and usable.

  8. Can I join an sale that has started?
    - Yes, but you must wait for the next item.

  9. How do I bid?
    - You can bid on the next incremental bid.
    - You may also enter any bid amount in the box provided.

  10. Can I rejoin if I get disconnected from the Internet?
    - Yes.

  11. What does "On Approval" mean?
    - This can mean one of 2 things: 1. There is a minimum bid amount for this item. The words "On Approval" will disappear and be replaced with "Sellin' All the Way" if the minimum bid amount has been met.
    2. The high bid must be approved by the seller.
    - If you have the high bid but the minimum bid has not been met, you will have the opportunity to increase your bid.

  12. How do I check the bid results?
    - Log into Buyer Account and click the "Check Bid" icon.

  13. If I accidently shut down the browser, can I rejoin the sale?
    - Yes.

  14. Why do I need to clear the cache?
    - It is a good idea to clear your cache once daily before joining any virtual bidding sales. This ensures you have the most current version of virtual bidding that is available.

  15. How do I clear the cache?
    • If you are using IE5.0+, go to Tools | Internet Options, select the General tab, then click the Delete button in the Temporary Internet Files box. Click OK. Close all instances of the browser, and restart IE.

  16. What is my computer requirement?
    Your PC should have a Pentium II or better processor. Monitor resolution should be at least 800 x 600 and 64mb of memory (RAM) is recommended. A video card with a minimum of 4mb RAM is needed.

  17. What is the Internet Connection requirement?
    A 56k Modem or faster is required. Broadband is highly recommended. You can connect to the auction at slower modem speeds but will likely fall behind.

  18. What is the Internet Browser requirement?
    - Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
    - Firefox 1.0 or higher
    - Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher
    Make sure you set up your browser to work with Java. (Download JVM here)
    Configure Browser Settings as follows:
    - JavaScript must be enabled.
    - Java must be enabled.
    - Cookies must be enabled
    - Pop-up blocking software needs to be disabled!
    - Internet Firewalls need to be disabled. (Consult your Network Administrator).