Why Buy From ABM

AutoBidMaster is an auto auction marketplace that allows hundreds of users on a daily basis to purchase vehicles directly from Copart auctions. For you to be able to have access to the vehicles that are sold on Copart auctions you must have a US dealer license. With AutoBidMaster you can avoid the hassle of going through the process of obtaining such a license and purchase directly from Copart. The company has been one of Copart’s most trusted licensed brokers for roughly 10 years and has built itself a well-established reputation. What is the secret of their success? Let’s break it down.

  The Pioneer

AutoBidMaster was one of the first companies that received Coparts brokers license. By being the first company to get this license they gave thousands of people the chance to purchase vehicles directly from Copart auctions. This way the AutoBidMaster quickly built itself an image of a reliable company that allows people to purchase all sorts of salvaged vehicles.

Outstanding Support

When purchasing a salvaged vehicle, all throughout the process you will have questions about every single aspect, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Have I won the lot? How do I pay for it? How will the documents be sent to me? When will they be sent to me? All of these questions arise almost on a daily basis from dozens of customers. Autobidmaster has a professional team of customer support representatives that will guide you through every single question you may have.

Offers VIN Checks And Shipping Solutions

     Unlike most online car auctions, we here at AutoBidMaster have our clients best interests in mind. We have been working closely with services such as ClearVin and EasyHaul to provide clients with easily accessible VIN history checks and worldwide shipping solutions. There is no reason for you to go through the hassle of searching for such services on your own. Everything you need can be found at AutoBidMaster.com.

A Reliable Broker

Over the years that AutoBidMaster has been around it has been building itself a reputation of a reliable and well-established broker. Besides it being one of the first Copart registered brokers that has allowed tens of thousands of people worldwide to purchase vehicles directly from their auctions, it is also one of the few that is still around to this day. Many companies have tried to carry the weight of becoming a registered Copart broker, but most have failed under the immense pressure this niche has. With thousands of satisfied customers, AutoBidMaster continues to help car enthusiasts worldwide to purchase affordable cars from online auctions.

If you have been debating about purchasing a car from an online auction, there would be no better broker to help you with that than AutoBidMaster. Reach out to us via our contact page and we will answer any questions you have.

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Top 8 Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2018

With fuel prices being extremely unstable worldwide, many people have turned to electric vehicles and hybrids to help them save money on fuel. Does that mean that there are no fuel-efficient gas vehicles? In this blog post we will mention the most fuel-efficient cars of 2018 that aren’t electric or hybrids.

Mitsubishi Mirage

This extremely cramp sedan may not be ideal for family road trips but is a great vehicle when it comes to fuel efficiency. It does 37 miles per gallon in town and 43 miles per gallon on highways.

Chevrolet Spark

This Chevrolet sedan is also pretty small yet very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. It does 38 miles per gallon on the open road and 30 miles per gallon around town.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is one of the most popular economy cars on the planet. It may not be the fanciest car out there, but it’s spacious and fuel efficient, doing 40 miles per gallon on a highway and 30 miles per gallon around town.

Honda Fit

With the Honda Fit you manage to get a fuel-efficient, and at the same time somewhat spacious sedan. Around the city, you are looking at roughly 33 miles per gallon and 40 miles per gallon on the road.

Honda Civic

 The all-new redesigned Honda Civic is not only sportier and roomier, but is also even more fuel efficient! Long distance rides it does 42 miles per gallon while driving around the city is roughly 32 miles per gallon.

Hyundai Elantra

This sedan is a great vehicle when it comes to spaciousness and fuel efficiency. On the highway it does roughly 40 miles per gallon and 32 miles per gallon around the city.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a great vehicle when it comes to fuel mileage and simplicity/design. When driving around the city the car does 30 miles per gallon around town and 40 miles per gallon.

Toyota Camry

With the Toyota Camry you will experience a more luxurious and more spacious sedan compared to the ones listed above. It may be pricier than the ones listed above, but it most certainly has its perks. This vehicle does 29 miles per gallon around town and 41 miles per gallon on the highway.

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Things To Know When Purchasing A Salvaged Vehicle

It’s becoming more common for people across the United States to purchase salvaged cars. Either they want to work on getting a car together with their own hands as a hobby, or, to save themselves a hefty amount of money. Purchasing a salvaged vehicle can be a good decision financially if you do it right. There are a few factors you should take into consideration when doing so, and the most important one is working with a well established and reliable broker.


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The Success Story Of The Ford F-150 Series

As years go by, there is one thing that stays the same. The dominance of the Ford F-150 is undisputed in the heavyweight category of American roads since the pickup’s first official debut back in 1975. No other pickup has managed to even come close to the number of sales the F-150 has been doing over the last couple of decades. Now, what is the story behind this vehicles massive success? What makes it stand out amongst other pickups?


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Car Technologies that Transformed the Way We Drive

The technologies used in modern cars have integrated so perfectly with our daily lives that people don’t easily realize the importance of these groundbreaking inventions, no matter whether they drive a brand new car or have got one from salvage repairable car auctions. While some of the technologies have made our lives easier, others have made our rides a whole lot safer. So, taking a walk down the memory lane, we look at a few groundbreaking car technologies that have shaped the way we drive today.


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3 Popular Vehicles to Look For at Car Auctions in Las Vegas

Be it a Porsche, Lexus, or Ferrari; everyone wishes to own a vehicle that is a delight to drive and can turn a few heads on the road. The price tags of such vehicles, however, are usually above the budget of most people. If you’re living in or around Las Vegas and wish to own a premium car, but are restricted by your budget, participate in the online car auctions held at AutoBidMaster.com. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we list three popular vehicles to look for at online car auctions no matter whether in Las Vegas or any other place. Take a look.


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Things to Consider when Buying a Used BMW Car

BMW, short for Bavarian Motor Works, is a German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. World-renowned for their luxury and safety standards, BMW cars are a hit in both new and used car markets in the US and other parts of the world. The brand has also been associated with legendary motor sporting events such as Formula 1 and the Isle of Man TT. If you too are a BMW fan who is considering used BMW cars for sale, here are three things you should keep in mind when making a buying decision.


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2018 Audi Q7 vs. 2018 Range Rover Velar: A Face-Off

The luxury SUV segment has many highly sophisticated options, engineered for off-road excursions. While the choices are endless, two cars that rank high in the segment are Audi Q7 and Range Rover Velar. While the cost of the cars will not be a constraint with AutoBidMaster, as you can buy almost any car at our salvage cars auctions at an affordable price; the only challenge is choosing the better of the two – the one that better suits your style and needs. So, to help, in this blog post, we give you an overview of both the contenders.


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The “Expiry Dates” of Critical Car Components

Life in the 21st century is surrounded by machinery and technology driving our day-to-day tasks and changing the scenario by every passing day. Over time, the parts of any mechanical system start to deteriorate and need to be replaced to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Like many other machinery, car parts also come with an expiry date. Here is a list of car parts you should replace within the stipulated time to keep your car performing well.


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