3 Things to Consider Before you Set Sail for Salvage Boat Auctions


“Set sail, Captain”

“But the sail is expensive, can’t buy one”. Pity.

Do you often feel like taking it to the waters?  Renting is ok, but what about buying a new vessel? The new vessel is expensive and you don’t have much of a budget, isn’t it? What should be you doing? Probably, looking for an alternative, maybe a second hand boat. Sounds like a good idea, what do you say?

When it comes to second hand vessels, it may mean the vessels may be a salvage. So, what?  If it solves your purpose and is affordable, it is a good bet. A salvage title is not the end of the journey for a marine vessel.

For example, we generally receive queries like what is a salvage boat? Is it safe to buy a salvage boat? Why a boat is declared salvage? People do not really realize the potential of a salvage boat. What it can be used for? How can it used by repair centers for spare parts?

Here’s a story of a guy, who wanted to surprise his girlfriend—a coast guard by profession—with a boat:

“We have been in relationship for almost 3 years now. And it has been a wonderful time. She turns 25 this fall and I wanted to gift her something that’s close to heart. She loves marine vessels. I researched a bit on the internet for boats, yacht etc., but the prices were pretty high for a new vessel. Out of the budget,” says Joseph.

“A friends of mine had just a bought a car, which was in pretty good shape. So, I asked him where he bought the car. It was a salvage car. That is when it struck me, if I could buy a salvage boat, repair it, and gift it. It was an amazing idea.”

“I browsed through few auction sites like yours that sold salvage vehicles. It was a simple process. All I had to do was: select a boat, bid on it, and win it. That’s it!”


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