Steps To Make Your First Purchase From AutoBidMaster

As one of Copart’s first and most trusted brokers, allows users from any point of the globe to be able to bid directly on Copart lots. On a daily basis hundreds of people bid and buy salvaged vehicles via AutoBidMasters broker services, allowing them to save big time on cars from the United States. Even though the concept of how AutoBidMaster works is fairly simple, our customer support team receives dozens of identical questions on a daily basis, with the main one recently being on how to make the first purchase from AutoBidMaster. Below you will find a step by step tutorial on how to register and be able to place your first bid at

  1. Register

Registering on AutoBidmaster is very simple. Head over to and fill in the information required. Just like on any website, leave your name, last name and email address. Please do make sure that you provide accurate information since when you make your purchase, we will use the information you gave us when registering to finalize and submit your purchase to the auction.

2. Purchase A Package

On you will find 3 difference sort of packages you can choose from. Basic, Advanced and Premium. Each package is unique in its own way and has its own perks that can help you save a hefty amount when purchasing salvaged vehicles via

Basic Membership
Purchase Limit- 1
Maximum Bid- $4,000
Transaction Fee- $250 or < 10% (whichever is greater)
Free Vin Check- None
Live Bidding- Not available
Dedicated customer care manager- No

We recommend the basic membership to clients that do not plan on purchasing more than one vehicle that costs more than $4,000.

Advanced Membership
Purchase Limit- Unlimited
Maximum Bid- Unlimited
Transaction Fee- $250 or < 6% (whichever is greater)
Free Vin Check- 5
Live Bidding- Available
Dedicated customer care manager- Available

Premium Membership
Purchase Limit- Unlimited
Maximum Bid- Unlimited
Transaction Fee- $250 or < 3% (whichever is greater)
Free Vin Check- 10
Live Bidding- Available
Dedicated customer care manager- Available

3. Add A Security Deposit

For you to be able to bid on vehicles via you must first deposit a security deposit that should be a minimum of $400, depending on the bid amounts you plan on making.

4. Upload Your Driver’s License or Passport

This step is crucial in the registration process since if you do not provide us with an ID and security deposit, you will not be able to place any bids. Please make sure you provide a valid form of ID. This information will be used to confirm the purchase of the salvaged vehicle you buy via our platform.

After you have went through and completed these four steps, you are ready to start bidding and purchase a salvaged vehicle from a Copart auction. If you have any more information, feel free to get in contact with our customer support team.


AutoBidMaster members purchase auction vehicles without dealer’s licenses. All-inclusive support & global shipping make AutoBidMaster your one-stop shop.