Must-Know Facts About Salvage Car Auctions

If you are in the market for a car that will help you run errands or get you to and fro work, salvage car auctions can help you land a gem that runs perfectly and meets your needs. The most important consideration is to determine the repairs that are needed and how much that will cost you. Some of the cars have some of the necessary repairs already done, while others will need you to start from scratch. Here are some of the facts about salvage cars that you may need to know.

The price offsets any problems
As with any used or salvage car, problems can sometimes surface with your new ride. However, if you have done your groundwork when choosing the best option among among available salvage cars for sale, the savings you get from the discounted price will naturally offset any problems that come to the fore.

Salvage cars for sale are great for parts
If you wish to repair your car and are on the market for parts, salvage cars for sale are also a great choice. They give you access to OEM parts for a diverse selection of makes and models at giveaway prices. You can easily bring down the cost of repairs and maintenance significantly if you consider salvage car auctions as an ideal hunting ground for parts.

They are not always on their last legs
Salvage cars for sale are not made the same. Contrary to misconceptions in some quarters, you can actually get a car that runs perfectly and requires little to no major repairs. There are various reasons why cars end up with the salvage title and some of them really have little to do with damage.

The trick is knowing the maximum price
The golden rule to successful bidding at salvage car auctions is knowing the maximum value of any car under your consideration. This helps you avoid overbidding and also stay within your budget. Overbidding may help you win the car but may rob you off the money you need for repairs and getting the registration paperwork done.

Try AutoBidMaster
AutoBidMaster is a reputable provider of salvage cars for sale at competitive prices. You can browse through available options and bid online to land your desired vehicle. Bidding is easy as all you have to do is Register and start right away! Browse through available options at our repairable cars sales for your kind of ride and start bidding to win. All the pertinent information about the cars is available and you can get answers to all your questions by calling us at +1 (503) 298 4300. You can also Write to Us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Tips to Spot Good Deals at Junk Car Auctions

Junk cars for sale are a hit for good reason, more people continue to find gems and great deals when they go for repairable salvage cars for sale. Whether you are looking to buy your next car, just something to restore and sell for a profit, or parts for your car, junk car auctions can be a real boon. In this blog, we share some age-old tips on how best to spot gems when you browse through AutoBidMaster’s junk cars for sale for your next ride.

Junk car auctions

Be sure of the cost of repairs
The best choice you can ever make is one for which you can ascertain an accurate approximation of the repair costs. Buying junk cars for sale with the hope of getting it back on the road will call for some investment in parts, repairs, and maybe some bodywork.

Prefer collision damage
If you intend to repair and use the car that you wish to buy, it is advisable to prefer junk cars for sale that have suffered collision damage. This is because it is fairly easy to establish the nature and extent of the damage. Your mechanic can help you assess the vehicles on your shortlist to find one that you can buy and restore within your budget.

Inspect the vehicle thoroughly
While used cars may require a simple inspection designed to establish if all the parts are there, repairable salvage cars for sale demand much more. Your inspection has to be thorough and include under the hood, in the trunk, under the car, the upholstery, body, and under the mats.

Know whether or not you can insure
All states in the US require insurance to legally drive your vehicle. This makes it important to be aware of what your options are when it comes to getting covered after your buy the vehicle. Even if you intend to restore and sell the car, the importance of knowing its insurance possibilities still remains.

Trust AutoBidMaster
AutoBidMaster provides the widest selection of junk cars for sale, giving you a better chance of finding that car you are after. Whether you wish to get the car back on the road or salvage the parts, we have what you need. Browse through available options or contact us to learn more about repairable junk cars for sale auctions that run throughout the year. Register today and start bidding with a few simple clicks. You can reach us at +1 (503) 298 4300, or Send a Message.

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Reasons to Buy a Salvage ATV from Online Auction

In the late 1960s, the 3-wheeler Sperry-Rand Tricart became a forerunner of present-day ATVs. Since then these multi-purpose vehicles have been synonymous with fun-filled adventure and other outdoor activities. One can drive them on the wide open trails, up and downhill, and along the coasts. If you think a new ATV is out of your league, don’t lose hope yet. There are many salvage ATVs for sale that you can consider if buying a new one is not an option.

salvage ATVs auctions

Huge Selection of Vehicles
If cost is a constraint in your desire to own an ATV for racing or other recreational uses, then online auto auction sites are what you need. The first good thing about these auctions is that they take pride in their endless list of salvage vehicles including ATVs. At any time, buyers will find a huge selection of used, wrecked, or salvaged ATVs for sale that include top brands such as Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki. Vehicles in all categories are updated on a daily or weekly basis. So, prospective bidders can look forward to many new vehicles on a regular basis.

Easily Repairable Damage
Most of the salvage ATVs in auctions have sustained damage either from collision or flood. Still you’ll find many of them with minor damages only that are easily repairable at a low cost. Thus, these ATVs are far better than buying a new one since they are affordable, and repairing them will cost buyers much less. While some buy salvage ATVs for fun rides around, others do so as a source of parts for another similar vehicle. Either way, online ATV auctions offer a favorable route to buyers.

Simple Buying Process
Another reason to buy a salvage ATV from online auto auctions is that the process is super easy. All you have to do to get the process going is to register with the auction site. Once you are through with it, you can start placing bids on your favorite ATVs. Many of the leading auto auction sites nowadays feature many specialized tools to simplify how bidders search vehicles and get matching results. You can find ATVs based on price range, make, model, and features. Once a bidder wins a bid, the auction house in most cases arranges for shipment of the vehicle domestically or internationally.

Wrap Up
Whether you are a common man looking for a used ATV, or a licensed vehicle dealer attending ATV dealer auctions, things remain the same. A salvage ATV is more economical to purchase for personal use or resell. AutoBidMaster is a leading online auto auction site in North America and a registered Copart broker. A huge vehicle inventory and superior customer service are our core strength. We give our registered members and licensed dealers access to tens of thousands of vehicles everyday. You can also register with us now for an account FREE, and get access to a wealth of vehicles on sale. If you got any questions, call our customer service @ +1(503)298-4300 or simply write to us and let us know how we can help you.

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All you Need to Know About Salvage Trucks for Sale

If you are looking to buy a truck and are good with a wrench, salvage trucks may just be the thing for you. Knowing your way around some of the repair work needed to restore salvage cars helps you bring down your costs significantly. AutoBidMaster is a reputable provider of salvage trucks for sale. You can participate in wrecked trucks auctions in the comfort of your home or office, thanks to the internet. In this blog, we share some information you might not know about salvage cars.

salvage truck auctions

What is a salvage car?
Although specific definitions may vary from state to state, the DMV confers a salvage title on a car if it has been damaged, wrecked, or destroyed in such a manner that an insurer regards its repair uneconomic. Such a determination frees the insurer to issue a payout to the car owner based on the vehicle’s pre-accident value. After the payout, the car is registered as salvage and put on the market by the insurer to recoup some of its money. That is why it pays to buy salvage trucks for sale if you know how to assess them as there are always lots of great deals.

Why buy a salvage truck for sale
Not all salvage trucks for sale are equal. While it is true that a blind search for the right car may lead to financial losses, knowing your way around cars really pays. Although some salvage trucks for sale are significantly damaged due to impact or some other calamity, there are some categories that present unbelievable deals. One good example is that of a vehicle that has suffered fire damage, as the mere contact between the smoke and its paint can result in a salvage title. This is despite the fact that the fire would have had no actual contact with the vehicle.

Check wrecked truck auctions today!
If you are looking to buy a good truck on budget, you may want to consider salvage trucks for sale. Get an experienced mechanic or professional pre-purchase services to help you assess the trucks on your shortlist before deciding to buy. Checkout salvage trucks available for sale at AutoBidMaster to find one that is best for you and Register to start bidding. To get answers to all your questions about salvage semi-trucks for sale, call us at +1 (503) 298 4300 or Send Us a Message.


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Pro Tips to Finding a Repairable Range Rover for Sale

Do you love Range Rovers, but your budget tells you to take a step back? If this is the case, finding a repairable Range Rover for sale can be the best option. You don’t need to spend a fortune in buying a brand new car. Vehicle auction sites such as AutoBidMaster give you access to a wide selection of top-of-the-range vehicles at discounted prices. Continue reading to know the best places where you can find repairable cars for sale including damaged range rovers for sale.

How to Find Damaged Range Rover for Sale

1. Approach individual sellers
The best option that you can always consider while buying a car is to approach people who want to sell their vehicles. They advertise their vehicle for sale via various marketing collaterals like newspapers, emails and post their Repairable Range Rover for Sale advertisements online as on AutoBidMaster. Approach the owner and negotiate the price to make the best deal and can also inspect the actual condition of the vehicles personally. It is always advisable to take a mechanic along to assess the condition of the vehicle.

2. Contact car dealers
Car dealers possess the list of options that are available in the nearby areas. That’s why people like to approach them whenever they want to buy a used car. At the same time, the dealers raise the cost of the vehicles to make a good profit. So, it is advisable to check the resale history of the model before you buy. Also, you can use your negotiation skills to negotiate with the dealer.

3. Surf online auto auctions
Last but not the least is the “online auto auction”. You can find a long list of Damaged Range Rover for sale online on numerous websites like AutoBidMaster and some more for people who have never heard about this before. It’s a very good option to buy a vehicle from online auto auctions as you can bid as per your requirement and budget. Buying a used range rover online from a Range Rover Auto Auction is more profitable if you don’t want to wait for the car documents, especially the license.

Wrap Up
With the above-mentioned options, you can definitely make a good selection while buying a used car. Think twice and don’t rush your search to find the best repairable range rover for sale. If you want to check out some of the available Damaged Range Rovers for Sale, AutoBidMaster is the best place to go. For more details on available options and answers to all your questions, feel free to call us at +1 (503) 298-4300 or Message Us.

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Classic Salvage Car Restoration Tips for Beginners

Classic cars are the stuff that dreams are made of, and getting one at a heavily discounted price is an opportunity few classic car enthusiasts would like to miss. If you dream of restoring or owning a classic car some day, you can fulfill your desire at AutoBidMaster where you can find a lot of great options in wrecked cars for sale auctions. However, if this is the first time you are planning to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, it is essential to know the basics. So, to help see you through a successful classic car restoration process, we give you a few handy tips. Take a look.

Classic Salvage Car

Factor Repair Expenses
Buying a classic car at auctions offering salvage cars for sale is just the start of your journey, as you may have to replace a number of parts and work on the aesthetics to get your car ready for the road or market. Make sure to account for all the necessary expenses in your budget to make sure that you can finance your project to completion. At the end of your project, the car must have a smooth revving engine and high-quality original or compatible parts.

Make Enough Room
Make sure you have cleared enough room in your garage to accommodate the car and any tools and equipment that you may want to use before you take delivery of your vehicle. Wrecked cars for sale also give you access to totaled salvage classic cars that are beyond the scope of repairs. Such cars are a great opportunity to get parts for your project at an affordable price, even the hard-to-get ones. If you are getting a second wrecked car for sale for the purpose of acquiring parts, consider this fact when preparing space for the project.

Join Online Communities
There are thousands of people who are either classic car enthusiasts or know where you can get the services and parts that you need to see your project through. It is advisable to become part of such communities to exchange knowledge and information that help you succeed and keep costs as low as possible. A simple online search will link you with a host of active communities of classic car enthusiasts and information.

Time to Get Started!
AutoBidMaster’s online auctions give you access to an extensive selection of wrecked cars for sale, featuring numerous classic cars. Browse through the deals available at our salvage car auctions to find your next classic car. Participating in the auction is as simple as ABC, as all you need to do is register start bidding! For more information on any of the wrecked and repaired salvage cars for sale listed with us, you can reach us at +1 (503) 298 4300. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you, as soon as possible.

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5 Ways to Winter-Proof your Classic Car

Cold weather and old car, often don’t mix well. Classic cars don’t have traction control, ABS, and electronic ignition, so they mist up easily. But, that’s why they are classic and so much loved. Instead of letting winter be harsh on your prized possession, and waiting for the weather to get pleasant to bring it out of the garage, you need to understand the basic needs of your car. The blog post covers simple and affordable ways to help your classic car survive winter. Take a look.

Keep it Dry
Dampness can have a catastrophic effect on the car, as it leads to rusting, deteriorating electrical systems and spoiling the interiors. Invest in a Carcoon to solve the damp problem. If you don’t want to buy a Carcoon, make sure that the car is stored in a waterproof area and there’s proper air circulation to reduce dampness.

Underseal the Car
Undersealing the car or even injecting cavities wax will protect the hard-to-reach areas from rusting. A thick resilient coating is applied to the chassis of the car that protects it against impact damage from small stones and also reduces the chances of rusting.

Use Good Quality Antifreeze Mix
A weak or low-quality antifreeze mixture can kill your classic car. The chances of freezing inside the engine increase, when the car isn’t used for a long time. Prepare a right mix of antifreeze and water, otherwise, it might corrode everything inside the engine. The minimum recommended ration is 30:70 and the ideal is 50:50.

Fill the Car Tank
There’s a high probability of condensation in an empty fuel tank, which can ultimately lead to rusting. Make sure that you keep the tank full, to avoid this problem.

Drive the Car
Damp roads, mud, salt – you have to face them all, when you take out the classic in the winter. The risk would, however, not look that big a deal if it helps in keeping the car in a good condition. Storing your car inside the garage could lead to seals drying out, ancillaries giving up and parts seizing up. Make sure that you run the car for at least 15-20 minutes once in two weeks.

Wrapping Up
Set your classic car free this winter. All it would take is a little extra effort on your part to ensure that your beauty rules the road and stays in good condition all seasons. Even if you don’t own a classic and are planning to buy one from classic car auctions, these tips will help you in preparing for harsh winter in advance. You can check out classic car for sale at AutoBidMaster. We are one of the trusted classic car auctions in USA helping buyers own their dream car at an affordable price. To learn more, call +1 (503) 298-4300

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Pro Tips on Salvage Car Restoration

Restoring salvage cars can be an exciting and rewarding adventure or business for those with the know-how, tools, and space to do the work. AutoBidMaster provides a range of salvage cars on auction presenting countless opportunities to buy your dream car at an affordable price. The wrecked cars for sale we list, however, require repairs before they can hit the road. It is, therefore, important for you to know what lies ahead, if you are planning to put your money in one of the wrecked cars for sale. So, to clear the smokescreen, we give you some handy tips to help restore a damaged repairable car and get it on the road.

Salvage Car Restoration

Set a budget
The first and most important part is to set a budget. This naturally covers the cost of buying the car and the restoration budget. This means that you have to know the damage suffered by the car and also factor-in any upgrades you may wish to effect on your new vehicle. Shop around for prices of the various parts that you need, as well as any relevant services.

Install original parts
During the restoration process, it is essential to install some oem parts preferably brand new. This helps you make sure that your car serves you for long, efficiently and free from major issues. You will also find it easy to insure salvage cars if you instal new oem parts that prove to insurers that the safety of the car has been improved.

Keep records
Keep track of your progress throughout the restoration of your damaged repairable car. Your records must include any receipts, documentation, and notes relating to the original purchase, parts bought, and services acquired. One of the benefits of keeping such records is that it helps you prove ownership and the fact that you followed every step of the restoration of salvage cars.

Get expert help
Always go for expert help in every step of the way if you do not possess the relevant knowledge or experience. Get a mechanic to help you assess the wrecked car for sale before purchase and throughout the restoration process. You can also discuss your requirements with salve car auction experts at AutoBidMaster for tips on the best car to meet your needs. Browse through available salvage cars and register to start bidding on the one that you wish to own. Call us today for more information or answers to all your questions at +1 (503) 298 4300 or fill out our contact form.

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The Dark Machine Rises: A Look at the Evolution of Batcycle

batcycle bike

In terms of strength, Batman can’t hold a candle to Superman, When it comes to speed, he is nowhere near Flash, and can’t create constructs like Green Lantern, yet he has saved the world on numerous occasions and foiled the devious plans of the world’s deadliest super villains. Yes, Batma, the most enigmatic superheroes in all of comic universes who doesn’t have any superpowers, yet comes out on top every time whether working in a team or operating alone. What Batman lacks in terms of superhuman capabilities, he compensates with his ability to think on his feet, superior hand-to-hand combat skills, and a unique capability to deduce facts from a chain of clues like a true detective. Despite possessing these unique skills, the Caped Crusader is only a man. Beneath that mask he is all flesh and blood and needs help to save the day. This is where his gadgets come into the picture. Besides using his belt as an armory for cool gadgets, Batman also has a fancy ride; The Batcycle. If you are a Batman fan in the slightest, and love following his exploits, we do not need to tell you that the Batcycle is no ordinary motorbike. Whether you love bikes or are a comic book freak, we have plenty in store for you. So wear your Batsuit, sit back as we take you through the evolutionary journey of Batcycle.

The First Chapter: 1966 Batcycle

1966 Batcycle
Batcycle was first used in 1966 in the Batman TV series. The first Batcycle was a Harley Davidson 1965 with a sidecar and was taken on lease. The idea was a hit with the fans, and the producers introduced a new and improved Batcycle later that year. The new Batcycle was based on a Yamaha Catalina 250 and was produced by Kustomotive. When designing the motorbike, Kustomotive didn’t forget Robin, and included a sidecar that could detach and operate on its own to be used by the Caped Crusader’s sidekick. This version of the Batcycle was used in the 1966 Batman film and later, in TV series. After the series was canceled, Kustomotive used the Batcycle in car shows. In 2013, Robin’s sidecar was sold at an auction for $30,000.

The All-terrain Batblade

 All-terrain Batblade
The Batblade was a specialized motorbike used by Batgirl in the film Batman and Robin (1997). Apart from distinct design features, one of the most striking things about the Batblade was that it could function in almost any weather conditions. The motorcycle was based on the body of a drag racer and borrowed its rear wheel from a car. The Batblade was designed for fast pursuits and was able to function smoothly underground.

The Granddaddy of them all: The Batpod

The Batpod
Batpod was the name given to the Batcycle used in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Arguably, the meanest and the sickest looking Batcycle of all times, the Batpod comes with 20” front and rear tires. This version of the Batcycle uses a single cylinder water-cooled engine. The exhaust is directed through the magnesium tubing used in the frame. If you ever fancy riding the Batpod, we suggest you start learning to use your shoulders to steer a motorbike, as this version of the Batcycle can be steered not using hands, but shoulders. Chris Corbould, a British special effects coordinator was the mind behind the Batpod and created six models for the movies. The Batpod wheels could roll against their axes,which improved the machine’s maneuverability. And that is not all, the chassis could elongate to help the rider pass under low hanging obstacles.

Want to drive alongside the Dark Knight?
If you want to build your own batcycle, buy a used motorcycle from Autobidmaster, an online motorcycle auction website that gives you the option to choose from a wide range of motorcycles. To learn more about the bidding process or any of the vehicles listed with us, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out the contact form.


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Planning to Buy a Used BMW Car from an Online Auction? Read This First!

Vehicles from the BMW brand find their place in many people’s fantasies. Almost everyone yearns to own and drive these hallmarks of German engineering, but their prohibitive price tags tend to keep it a dream for most. However, if a brand new BMW is beyond your budget, there are a lot of affordable options waiting for you among the used BMW cars for sale listed at What remain important is knowing how to buy a car that meets your needs and budget. So, to help, here are some of the considerations you must make when going for a used BMW car for sale.

Buy a Used BMW

Know the Available Models
Make sure to research all the different models before you set out shopping at online BMW car auctions. This helps you isolate what you want and match your budget. Here is a snapshot of what is in-store:

1 Series
If what you are looking for is a small and fast luxury vehicle, the BMW 1 Series is a perfect choice. The car is a four-seater, rear-wheel driven vehicle, that is not only perfect for city roads, but can also be a great companion for long drives.

3 Series
The small 3 Series BMW comes in rear and all-wheel drive options. You have the option of going for the old but super-affordable coupe or cabriolet (E46), or a Sedan (E90), Wagon (E91), Coupe (E92), and Convertible (E93).

5 Series
The luxury midsize Sedan comes in all-wheel drive as well as petrol and diesel options. It is a perfect option if you are looking for a car that is high on luxury, but unlike other options in the segment, isn’t too big to be driven around city traffic.

7 Series
The ultimate in luxury and space, the BMW 7 Series comes with wood trims and leather seats. If being driven around is your thing, then the 7 Series is for you. The car features a wide spectrum of cutting edge features that will certainly take your breath away.

X Series
The X series is exclusive to Sports Utility Vehicles, with the options in the series including X1, X3, X5, and X6. Based on the chassis of 1 Series, the X1 is the humblest, with the X6 being the latest and the mightiest addition to the crew.

Understand Depreciation
Depreciation is an issue when it comes to BMW vehicles although not all models lose their value quickly. This means that you should go for slightly older options to get more savings. For example a 3-year old 3 Series will set you back $30000 whereas you only stand to pay $13000 for a 6 year old option. Knowledge of how the different models lose their value also helps you avoid overbidding and stay within budget.

Shop from a Trusted Source
AutoBidMaster provides used BMW cars for sale at affordable prices. We are a leading online BMW auction platform and provide comprehensive vehicle history to help you make wise buying decisions. Feel free to arrange for a visit to assess some of the used BMW cars for sale that feature on our website to arrive at a perfect choice for your needs and budget. Register today to start bidding or call us at +1 (503) 298 4300 to get more information used and salvage BMW auctions.

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