Car Technologies that Transformed the Way We Drive

The technologies used in modern cars have integrated so perfectly with our daily lives that people don’t easily realize the importance of these groundbreaking inventions, no matter whether they drive a brand new car or have got one from salvage repairable car auctions. While some of the technologies have made our lives easier, others have made our rides a whole lot safer. So, taking a walk down the memory lane, we look at a few groundbreaking car technologies that have shaped the way we drive today.


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3 Popular Vehicles to Look For at Car Auctions in Las Vegas

Be it a Porsche, Lexus, or Ferrari; everyone wishes to own a vehicle that is a delight to drive and can turn a few heads on the road. The price tags of such vehicles, however, are usually above the budget of most people. If you’re living in or around Las Vegas and wish to own a premium car, but are restricted by your budget, participate in the online car auctions held at Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we list three popular vehicles to look for at online car auctions no matter whether in Las Vegas or any other place. Take a look.


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The “Expiry Dates” of Critical Car Components

Life in the 21st century is surrounded by machinery and technology driving our day-to-day tasks and changing the scenario by every passing day. Over time, the parts of any mechanical system start to deteriorate and need to be replaced to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Like many other machinery, car parts also come with an expiry date. Here is a list of car parts you should replace within the stipulated time to keep your car performing well.


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Industrial Equipment Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is a crucial part of using any type of equipment. Technology in today’s day and age has advanced up to a level where most of the tasks in industrial setups are performed using machinery. As the efficiency of industrial equipment has a notable impact on the overall productivity and the finances of the company, it is important to pay special attention to the maintenance of industrial equipment, no matter whether you get them brand new from industrial equipment auctions. So, to help, we present a few tips you can follow to keep your industrial equipment in top shape. Read on.


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Winter Car Care Tips to Keep Problems at Bay

The weather of gloomy skies and shivers, winter brings a lot of chaos on the road. Winter all over the world, especially in places where snow conditions prevail, presents numerous challenges for car drivers, no matter whether they own a brand new sports car or drive a station wagon bought from online auto auctions. Due to slippery roads, accidents are more likely to happen, while breakdowns are quite common. So, to avoid such undesirable events, here are a few winter car care tips.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Seized Car Auctions

The seized car auctions held at AutoBidMaster represent an untapped reservoir of a wide array of vehicles by all prominent manufacturers from different parts of the world. While it goes without saying that our seized car auctions let you buy your dream car without having to burn a hole in your pocket, you need be aware of the entire bidding process to ensure you have a seamless experience. On that note, in this blog post, we present to you a beginner’s guide to getting started with seized car auctions. Read on.  (more…)

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Keeping Car Troubles at Bay During Winter

Winter spells a difficult time not only for people but also for vehicles. The cold season has started to set in, calling for some extra care for your car, so that the plummeting mercury doesn’t affect your journeys in any way. Some of the components in a car require special attention during winter, which we will discuss in this blog post. Whether you already own a car, or planning to buy repossessed cars for sale online, the following tips will come handy for winterizing your car. Read on. (more…)

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What to Expect When Participating in Industrial Equipment Auctions

Almost every business, no matter how big or small, is always on a lookout for ways to bring down its operating costs and improve efficiency. That is the reason behind the increasing number of businesses turning to industrial equipment auctions. Known to offer a wide array of industrial equipment for sale at affordable prices, the industrial equipment auctions hosted by AutoBidMaster are the place to be if you need to buy industrial equipment without breaking the bank. To help you get started, this blog post provides an overview of what to expect when participating in industrial equipment auctions. Read on. (more…)

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Car Safety Features Explained: Part 1 of 3

Whether you are looking to buy a new car or get one from online live auctions sites such as, it is important to ensure the car you choose has comprehensive safety features. Advancements in automotive technologies have made it possible for manufacturers to roll out safer and more reliable cars with more advanced safety features than before. In the first part of this three-part blog series, we provide an overview of some of the key safety features to look for when buying a car. Take a look.

  1. Auto Emergency Braking (AEB)

    Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) enables the driver to use maximum braking capacity in case of an imminent crash. The safety system may also apply independent brakes if the driver is unable to react in time. AEB works in mainly 3 categories:

    1. Low-speed system for city streets to prevent crashes and non-life threatening injuries such as whiplash
    2. Higher speed system scans up to 200 meters ahead of your vehicle using long range radar to avoid a crash at higher speeds
    3. The pedestrian system scans the road ahead to analyze relative pedestrians movement with the car to avoid a crash

    Cars can have one or more than one AEB systems and with different names, depending on the manufacturer. For instance, Alfa Romeo labels AEB as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Audi calls it Pre Sense Plus, BMW uses Driving Assistant Plus instead of AEB, and Ford calls it Active City Stop. You can look for these models at any of our salvage car auctions online.

  2. Active Cruise Control

    Active Cruise Control or Adaptive Cruise Control uses lasers or a radar system to detect the speed and movement of the cars ahead, so you can maintain a safe distance and apply brakes well within time. Once you turn on the ACC, you can set a maximum speed and the desired distance from any car ahead. The system usually comes paired with a pre-crashing system that may also apply emergency brakes in case of an imminent crash. The ACC may get hampered by heavy rain, dense fog, or snow.

  3. Blindspot Detection System (BDS)

    Developed by Volvo a decade ago, Blindspot Warning System is a safety feature that allows you to have a 360° view of the surroundings of the car. The system uses sensors or a radar system to track any car that is behind or trying to overtake your vehicle from any of the sides. The BDS may send you a warning by flashing light on the side view mirror, a beep, or steering wheel vibration if it detects a possible collision. Make sure the car you choose to buy at any online live auctions sites has BDS.

Choose a Safe Car at Salvage Car Auctions Online

Safety features should be a priority when buying a car. No matter the price of the car, it should have the maximum numbers of safety features. If budget is a constraint, AutoBidMaster has got you covered. By participating in our online auctions, you can find high-end salvage cars with almost every safety feature, and that too at affordable prices. You can register for free here and avail our member benefits. If you have any questions about our bidding process or any of the vehicles listed with us, fill out our contact form or call +1 (503) 298-4300.

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All You Need to Know about the 2018 Honda Odyssey Trims

A fun family minivan, the 2018 Honda Odyssey is one of the vehicles that lets you and your family experience the road like never before. Featuring advanced tech and safety features, along with ample interior space, the Honda Odyssey ranks among the top options in its segment. If you are planning to buy a family car, the Odyssey deserves your consideration. If budget is a constraint, AutoBidMaster is a place where you can buy junk cars for sale at affordable prices. To help you decide, we present an overview of the different Honda Odyssey trims.

Engine Options

While the features on all the trims are different, all the trims are powered by the same 280-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine that is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and delivers a combined fuel economy of 22 mpg.


The Honda Odyssey LX has a third-row Magic Seat that enables maximum utilization of space to comfortably accommodate passengers and cargo. Other features include a multi-angle camera that helps by providing a 360-degree view of your surroundings and facilitates parallel parking.


Some of the features include a blind spot information system that helps keep a tab on vehicles or pedestrians in the blind spots and avoid an accident, and Smart Entry that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to open the door before you reach the vehicle.


Some of the features in the Honda Odyssey EX-L includes a navigation system that displays accurate, up-to-the-minute information about routes and traffic conditions, and an available rear-seat entertainment system. The trim also has a leather-wrapped steering wheel to add an element of class and luxury.


The Honda Odyssey Touring features 18-inch wheels that offer unmatched style and sturdiness to the vehicle. Other features include an advanced standard rear-seat entertainment system and hands-free-access power tailgate to make easy work of loading and unloading cargo.


The Elite passenger van features heated/ventilated front seats for superior comfort, and a state-of-the-art wireless phone charger to help you stay connected throughout the drive. The car also has an 11-speaker audio system featuring unbeatable sound quality.

Wrap Up

Now that you have gone through the list of different trims of the 2018 Honda Odyssey and the available features, it must be easy to choose a trim that suits your expectations and driving style. If budget is a constraint, AutoBidMaster has the perfect solution to your problem. We are an online platform where you can participate in repairable salvage cars auctions and buy used cars for sale at affordable prices. Register now to start bidding on your favorite car. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form or call +1 (503) 298-4300.

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