Alternative Fuel


If you love being in the mountains or driving anywhere outside of the city, chances are you care about your environmental impact too. There are many viable options to make the hike to the hills – although not on foot – and limit the damage we cause. Typical 4X4 and older AWD vehicles have heavier gas and oil consumption than newer SUV’s and Crossovers, but if you want to keep your emissions green and still…

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, this article is exactly what you have been looking for. Electric cars are still fairly new to the market, but with each year that goes by their sales numbers grow. Why are people buying them? Is it the quality? Or perhaps the prices? Let’s break it all down so we can see the Pros and Cons and come to a final verdict.

Fuel efficiency is one of the main factors that Americans consider when buying vehicles. A car with high mileage not only saves money but also reduces oil dependence cost, increases energy sustainability, and reduces your carbon footprint. The demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has grown more than ever, and most cars in the market have a decent mpg. If buying a new car is out of question, and you are looking for gas-efficient models at Dallas car auctions or anywhere else across the U.S., we list the top four models to consider.

High Mileage Cars