Off-roading has already turned into a lifestyle for many petrolheads. Such a hobby allures car addicts and adrenaline junkies. The first can explore their possibilities, while the second can enjoy beautiful landscapes and cars pushed to the limit. It’s not for everyone, but nothing should stop you if you want to get into it. However, you can’t go for it without preparation. This blog is dedicated to newcomers who set their minds on off-roading with…

If you’re new to the world of car ownership or shopping for your first car, you may be plagued by this question: what’s the difference between front-wheel, rear-wheel, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive cars, and which one do you need? Each has its advantages and we’re here to clear up the differences for you. Front-wheel-drive cars The majority of cars on the market at this point are front-wheel drive, or FWD, for short. FWD systems…