Hey, outdoorsy explorers! The sky’s the limit when you want to have fun and enjoy places you’ve never been to. However, even the best SUV may not be an option when you want to go somewhere far off the beaten path. If that’s the case, you may fancy going for an ATV or UTV. We suppose you’ve already seen these adrenaline-pumping vehicles but never had a chance to ride one. Both ATVs and UTVs have…

AutoBidMaster offers a range of salvage ATVs for sale at affordable prices, many of which are sports models. To help narrow down your options, we’re presenting a list of the top 3 sport ATVs that you can find in our online ATV auctions. Take a look. 1. Polaris Sportsman 450 HO The rebadged Sportsman ETX features a 567cc, double overhead cam, four-valve engine, and an improved suspension of 8.2 inches upfront. It offers 1 horsepower more…