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Hey, new customer! We’re welcoming you to the best online car auction spot. AutoBidMaster offers lots of advantages if you’re shopping for a used car. For instance, you can choose among more than 150,000 vehicles and bid on salvage and clean title cars without a dealer’s license. On top of that, there are quite a lot of bargains, seriously. We offer tailored shipping services too. AutoBidMaster offers everything you might have looked for in the…

You’ve been browsing through clean title, salvage, and repairable cars for sale on AutoBidMaster and now you wanna know: What’s the difference between a regular auction and “Buy it Now?” Good news: we’re here to clear that up. Auctions Auctions have two phases: preliminary bidding and live auction. During the preliminary bidding phase, members can place bids on vehicles and the highest bid during this portion will be represented incrementally during the live auction. So,…