Car Auctions In Los Angeles


Convertibles allow you to be at one with Mother Nature while having the best in terms of performance, luxury and safety. Though it goes without saying they deliver an experience that just can’t be compared to any other type of vehicle, convertibles generally come with heavy price tags that keep a large number of wishful buyers from realizing their dream. Not anymore. Our auctions in Los Angeles and other locations give you an opportunity to…

Car auctions in Los Angeles give you access to great deals on used, repo, and salvage cars. Insurance companies that own the vast majority of these cars want to get rid of them as quickly as possible making them highly affordable. You also stand at an advantage if you possess the mechanical knowledge to rebuild or reconstruct a totaled car on budget. Repo car auctions in Los Angeles on the other hand, give you access…

Ferrari started as a reputable racing team in 1947. It is a brand that is coveted by most collectors and has come to represent the finer things in life. Ferrari has several world records to its name, with models such as the classic 250 GTO going for anywhere from $32 to $52 million at car auctions. That’s enough proof of how much people love “Ferrari”. If you too are a Ferrari fan, here are four of the company’s most prominent models from 1947 and 1964 that you can buy at our online car auctions in Los Angeles and other areas.

Salvage Ferrari for Sale