Cheers, eco-aware fellow motorists! The transition to alternatively-powered vehicles isn’t slow, and more choices are spicing up the competition on the market. While battery-powered motoring seems inevitable, some are still not ready for this shift. No worries, as manufacturers have got your back. They offer hybrids. Reliable, efficient, and affordable vehicles that combine the best of two powertrains: electric and powered by fossil fuels. In this blog, we’re discussing the top 10 hybrid cars waiting…

Mopar or no car, as the saying goes for a lot of gearheads. While the term Mopar – a combination of motor and parts – originally showed up as antifreeze on Chrysler cars, Mopar became it’s own brand in 1937. Since then, it’s been used as an umbrella term for any vehicle or parts developed by the former Chrysler Corporation, which then became FCA, and as of now, is Stellantis.To us, though: it’ll always be…