Hey folks, last time we did a 5 somethings under 5k, it went over pretty well, so this may be a regular thing. Today, we’re looking at 5 trucks for sale under $5,000 that you can buy right now on AutoBidMaster. Check ’em out. 2003 Dodge Dakota This is a pretty unbeatable deal all around. This 2003 Dodge Dakota is listed as run & drive verified, with a clean title, and 82,135 miles on the…

Mopar or no car, as the saying goes for a lot of gearheads. While the term Mopar – a combination of motor and parts – originally showed up as antifreeze on Chrysler cars, Mopar became it’s own brand in 1937. Since then, it’s been used as an umbrella term for any vehicle or parts developed by the former Chrysler Corporation, which then became FCA, and as of now, is Stellantis.To us, though: it’ll always be…