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We live in an era where everyone is concerned about the future and is way more eco-aware than two decades ago. Alternatively-powered motoring is booming. Do you see that all manufacturers are investing both their efforts and billions of dollars to let us drive green vehicles? We’ve decided to list all the benefits of buying an electric car here. Tax Credits For Buying Electric and Hybrid Cars Greenhouse gasses and exhaust fumes pollute the environment,…

EPA fuel economy ratings has taken the auto industry by the reigns as hybrid and electric cars are becoming more and more popular. From the rise of the Toyota Prius (which is #1 on this list) to completely electric cars (like the Tesla Model S – #3) there’s a green car out there for everybody. So, it’s no surprise they’re selling like lil’ electric (or half gas half electric, anyway) hotcakes on AutoBidMaster. Here’s a…