Howdy, fellas! You’ve heard about different engine configurations in your cars, right? Yeah, these digits and letters may seem confusing for those who aren’t petrolheads. While buyers’ needs have been evolving and some prefer efficiency over performance, it’s hard to find an engine type that will suit everybody. That’s why automakers have contributed to developing a wide diversity of car engine types. We’re breaking them down in this blog and explaining what’s what. Brief Overview…

The Ford F-150 series is the leading pickup series in the US, and has held that title for almost fifty years! There is no other pickup that Americans trust more than the F-150, and there are multiple reasons as to why. The Ford F-150 series has been around since 1948, but only had it’s official debut in the 1970’s. With having over twelve generations of trucks in the series, it is a dominant player in…