how to get more fuel efficiency


The Internet is teeming with recommendations about how to reduce car fuel consumption in the summer. Among the fairly good tips, there are harmful ones for the vehicle itself that come across from time to time. Automotive experts often exaggerate savings. Sometimes it may seem that the advice is economically meaningless—to save money, you need to spend more than you get to keep. With AutoBidMaster, everything is possible. That’s why we prepared some top tips…

When we’re looking for newer cars, there’s a question that seems to be ubiquitous across all makes and models. “What kind of mileage does it get?” While what we consider to be ‘good mileage’ differs by vehicle class, we can all agree that the more miles per gallon, the merrier. While you can start looking for vehicles that get the best mpg, cars have a few quirks that can increase the mileage of the vehicle…