2020 was pretty exciting for the automotive world: every year, we get faster, torquier, and sexier. Motorcycle life was no different, and the 2021 best motorcycles are shaping up to be an exciting year for motorcycle riders worldwide. Breaking the fourth wall for a moment – the author of this article went from a 2005 Ducati S2R 800 to a 2017 Triumph Thruxton 1200R. The difference in riding dynamics, clutch response, and the overall riding…

Living in a major metropolitan area certainly has its upsides: nightlife, dining, arts and entertainment, proximity to work, and so forth. You know what sucks about it though? Driving and parking. Navigating heavy city traffic is a disaster, and trying to find parking is the bane of the city-dweller’s existence. Some people that live in major cities don’t even bother getting a car since it can be such a nightmare. But rather than relying solely…