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These are certainly good times for truck buyers. While they can choose from a plethora of options complementing diverse needs, they can also save big on the purchase of their preferred model by getting one through our online used truck auctions. AutoBidMaster lets you take your pick from a large inventory of used and salvage trucks that can be yours at unbelievably low prices. To help you with the selection, let’s look at four of…

The Honda Ridgeline has the distinction of being one of only two trucks currently being produced by Honda. Featuring a unibody frame and a transverse-mounted engine, the truck is only available in a crew-cab short-box configuration across different model years, all of which have the same powertrain. AutoBidMaster auctions featuring salvage trucks for sale offer multiple options across all model years to buyers looking to save. Let’s look at five Honda Ridgeline trucks that you…

Buying a salvage truck can be a great money-saver, provided you are able to get your hands on a truck that is easy to restore and hasn’t suffered from too much damage. While a trusted online truck auction website such as AutoBidMaster.com can let you choose from a wide array of auction trucks for sale, you must proceed with caution when making a purchase. To help you land a great deal, we present some things…

Large vehicles such as trucks face a number of challenges during winter, and may need some repair and maintenance before temperatures being to fall. This is true for all kinds of trucks, whether it is a new one or one bought from a wrecked truck for sale online. To help you sail through winter without any trouble, in this post, we share some of the basic winter care tips for your truck. Take a look.

The 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation is a modern pickup truck known for its bold appearance, spacious interior, and advanced features. The truck is equipped with a powerful engine that can haul heavy loads. If you are looking to buy Sierra 1500 but have a limited budget, participate in the online truck auctions held at AutoBidMaster.com to bring your dream truck home without breaking the bank. Continuing on the subject, this blog covers why the 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation worth your money. Take a look.

Digital Odometer Display

Whether you have a long commute every day or stay closer to home, MPG is one critical parameter that you can’t ignore when buying a car. Automobile makers are introducing highly fuel-efficient vehicles in the market, including pick-up trucks. Most new or pre-owned trucks at online truck auctions and showrooms, are gas guzzlers and it takes some searching to find fuel-efficient options. To help, we list five trucks that give you decent fuel economy (21 mpg and higher).