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Bentley Motors Limited is an iconic British automaker attributable to some of the most celebrated cars ever. Standing in the same league as Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, Bentley is known for producing high-performance luxury cars, characterized by breathtaking designs and leading-edge features. Buying a new Bentley, however, will set you back a significant amount. That is when our public car auctions come to the rescue. AutoBidMaster offers a number of exotic Bentley models on…

There’s a trick to bidding on auction cars That applies specifically if the auction cars don’t have any bids placed on them already. If you found a vehicle you want to bid on and it doesn’t have a starting bid just yet, don’t get ahead of yourself. There’s a trick that you need to use before bidding on clean or salvage title cars (or any other vehicle) to keep your bid at an advantage. If…

Four cylinder engines have caught up to their V6 and V8 counterparts, with the evolution and advancements in technology. Sophisticated engineering, improvements in turbocharging, and lightweight vehicle designs, have helped automakers breathe new life into their classic models. A perfect blend of acceleration and handling, you can get one of the four-cylinder vehicles at auto auctions online and public auto auctions, at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at four of the fastest and affordable classic to latest four-cylinder cars from leading brand models, that you can get at AutoBidMaster and other reputable auctioneers.