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Convertible cars signify freedom and being at one with nature and are much more useful and practical than most people think. Unfortunately, cabriolets have been subjected to unfair assumptions and criticisms for long, which makes them appear undesirable to some people. If you are attending one of the USA auto auctions online, don’t hesitate to check out some of the convertible models on sale. This post clears some of the misunderstandings and highlights a few lesser-known facts about convertibles. Read on.

Safety features such as Electronic stability control (ESC) have become significant for every car. ESC detects and helps the driver maintain control of the car while driving on slippery roads or in a panic swerve, thereby preventing the car from skidding and colliding with other vehicles. A finding by the IIHS highlighted that ECS reduces the risk of fatal crashes in single-vehicle accidents by 56 percents and multiple-vehicle accidents by 32 percents. This led the…