2018 BMW M3: Under the Lens

The 2018 BMW M3 is a delight for the eye, ear, and soul. Known to deliver exceptional performance, the M3 is a leap ahead of older 3-series models in terms of design, safety features, and overall performance. If you are looking to buy a BMW M3 but have budget constraints, check out the repairable salvage cars for sale listed at AutoBidMaster.com. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we cover five key features of the 2018 BMW M3(more…)

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3 Common Fluid-Leaks To Examine When Buying Salvage Cars

Whether you looking to buy new or salvage cars for sale in USA, it is important to know the different leaks that your vehicle may suffer in the long-run to make sure you avoid or fix the damage immediately. Brakes, transmission, oil filters, coolant, windshield, or power steering are major car parts that can cause a potential fluid leak. If you need a little guidance when it comes to common fluid leaks, you’ve landed on the right page. Go through this blog and know the signs and various parts of your vehicle that suffer damage during these three most common fluid leaks to avoid problems in the future.

Fluid-Leaks To Examine When Buying Salvage Cars

1. Brake Fluid
When it comes to brake fluid there are a number of parts in your vehicle that can cause it to leak, such as calipers, brake system, leaking lines, or wheel cylinders. Keep in mind these factors and look out for signs that the brake fluid is leaking. Major signs you need to remember that mean that there is a brake fluid leak include a puddle leak that is yellow, clear or light brown in color. Other things to check is whether or not this liquid is thick and has a strong acidic smell. All these signs indicate towards a brake fluid leak.

2. Antifreeze or Coolant
A leak in the coolant or antifreeze may occur in a number of places of your vehicle, such as water pump, coolant reservoir, radiator or heater hoses. Dealing with a coolant leak instantly is crucial to avoid long-term hassles. It is, therefore, it is crucial for you to understand the various indications you need to keep in mind, such as a puddle leak that is neon green, pink, or bright orange. The color of such a leak could also be blue and have a sweet smell. Keep in mind all these points when checking for a coolant leak.

3. Transmission Fluid
Another common leak in any vehicle is a transmission leak. Transmission, fluid lines, transmission pan gasket, or seals are a few places where such a leak can occur. When it comes to examining the leak, you need to check if there a puddle leak in the middle or in front of your vehicle. KEep in mind that such leaks usually make a leak of brownish or dark red liquid. It is also important to note that newer models use fluids that may not cause a red tinge in its leak and usually have a light-brown color.

Wrap Up
There are a number of other fluid leaks you need to know, such as oil filter or power steering leaks to make sure you keep maintain and keep your ride in world-class condition. Keeping the above three leaks in mind, know how to manage these leaks in order to avoid long-term problems regarding your vehicle. AutoBidMaster, a reputable salvage cars auction website, offers a wide range of salvage cars and also provides you information enough for you to make an informed decision. Another added advantage in choosing our salvage cars auction website is that we give you access to an instant VIN check that helps you in making an informed buying decision. So, what are you waiting for? Register today to avail exclusive member benefits. For more information on the bidding process and to get answers to all your questions on salvage car auctions, call us at +1 503 298 4300 or fill our contact form.

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5 Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts

There are many advantages to knowing your way around cars. It helps you know what to look for when you buy used cars and the parts to check and replace during routine maintenance. If you possess enough knowledge about cars and car parts, it becomes easy to scoop great deals when you visit AutoBidMaster to buy damaged cars for sale. You will not only know how to assess vehicles but can also set an accurate budget for buying and restoring your new ride. Here is a list of 7 most commonly replaced car parts that you should know.

Damaged car auction

An aged or damaged battery can become a headache. It can easily leave you stranded on the road and require a jump-start to get going. Although poor driving habits such as leaving the air conditioner and lights running when the engine is not running can also lead to battery failure, the most common causes include low charge and acid stratification. Check the battery for damage, leaks, physical defects, dirty terminals, and remember to replace it every 4-5 years.

Spark Plugs
Although replacing spark plugs constitutes affordable repairs, aged or damaged plugs has a bigger effect on the performance of your car. Some of the problems that may indicate an urgent need to replace spark plugs include rough idling, difficulty starting, misfiring/surging, and slow acceleration. Remember to lubricate the new spark plugs before installation on used or salvage cars for sale.

Brake Rotors
Worn brake rotors can result in serious brake failure if left unattended. The rotors play an important role of making sure that the braking system doesn’t overheat. Problems often starts surfacing when brake pads and calipers cause enough friction to compromise their efficiency. Signs that your brake rotors are due for a change include grinding, squealing and growling sounds when braking.

When your windshield starts exhibiting well-pronounced stress cracks and dings, it is time to seriously consider replacing it. Clean the windshield to check for any cracks and also prevent surface scratches. It is important to get the windshield replaced altogether as soon as possible as it is illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield.

Door Handles and Locks
Damaged door handles and locks not only impact the car’s aesthetics and value, but also cause great inconvenience and safety issues. If any lock cylinder is damaged, make sure to replace it immediately. Some of the common signs that the cylinder needs to be replaced include the key refusing to turn after insertion, key getting stuck, failure to open some doors, and having a key break inside the lock.

Parting Shot
If you are on the market for used or salvage cars for sale, AutoBidMaster is the place to be. We have a strong reputation of providing unbeatable deals on a range of makes and models of damaged cars for sale. Register today for FREE to start bidding on your desired car or call us for answers to all your questions about damaged cars for sale at +1 503 298 4300 or Mail Us.

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5 Iconic Classic Cars from 1960s

The 1960 was a golden era for automobiles, with various established and upcoming brands battling it out for glory. It was an era when style, speed, performance and power were driving new muscular models, with each one being an eye-popping beauty. The result was a slew of classic cars that are even worshipped today by car enthusiasts. The value of these classics, have only appreciated over time. Though it is difficult to shortlist just five cars out of the ensemble cars of 1960s, if anyone makes a list of top 10 cars, these five will definitely find a place.

 Iconic Classic Cars

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura is considered one of the most beautiful cars ever made; and it was the only car that could give the Ferrari and Porsche a run for their money. Fitted with a mammoth mid-rear mounted V12 3929 cc V12 engine, the Miura was Lamborghini’s first supercar. This Italian sports car made its debut in the 1966 Geneva auto show. It was the fastest production car of its time and was made till 1973.

Aston Martin DB5 (1963-1965)
Who doesn’t remember the car used by James Bond on his way to Monaco while outspeeding the notorious SPECTRE in the movie “Goldfinger”, released in 1964? The Aston Martin DB5 has always been an iconic car. It is one of the most famous and well-known cars, although only 1030 cars have been produced.

Porsche 911
This classic beauty has its original design inspired by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and Erwin Komenda. Launched in 1964 with a flat-6 engine, Porsche 911 has been a dream for several generations. Over the years Porsche has further refined and developed the engine capacity and performance. It is still in production and despite upgrades and modifications the basic shape and design remains the same. Porsche 911 is one car that has never lost its appeal.

Ferrari 250 GTO
Launched in 1962, Ferrari 250 GTO was among the earliest classic sports cars, with a 300 BHP V12 engine. This car was especially developed by Enzo Ferrari for FIA races which required only production cars to participate. It is considered the top classic Ferrari of all times.

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Ford GT40 (1964-1969)
The fabulous Ford GT40 was created in 1964 to take on Ferrari on speed and performance. It was powered by a Ford V-8 6997 cc engine and won several championships including Le Mans. It was assembled in both UK and USA. In the five years of production till 1969, only a few thousand of this four-speed manual transmission supercars were made, making it all the more coveted of the 1960’s classic cars.

Wrapping Up
Classic cars are not easy to own, as these come with a hefty price tag. There is, however, a way out. You can turn to AutoBidMaster, the reputable online auto auction site to buy your dream car at an affordable price. We have thousands of wrecked cars for sale and repairable salvage cars for sale. For more information, feel free to call at +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out the contact form and one of our executives will get back to you.

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Diesel or Gas: Which is a Better Proposition for Used Car Buyers?

If you have been exploring wrecked cars for sale, it would not be a wild leap of thought to say you are looking to own a reliable set of wheels, without having to break the bank. After deciding the type of vehicle, the next question is whether to go for a gas- or diesel-powered powertrail. As both the propositions have distinct pros and cons, we take the time to take a closer look at the options to help you make an informed decision.

Diesel engines, especially turbocharged variants, are known to pump out exhilarating numbers of torque at low rev, making them ideal for those whose like to tread uncharted territories. Gasoline powered engines, on the other hand, deliver peak power at high RPMs, resulting in much faster acceleration compared to diesel-powered engines of similar specs.

Ownership Cost
Diesel might be cheaper than gas, but that’s not all you need to factor when calculating a car’s total cost of ownership. In addition to fuel, you also need to consider the maintenance cost of the vehicle, factoring service cost, the cost of spares, and the frequency of service. Diesel vehicles have low running cost (cheaper fuel); however, have higher maintenance.

This is one aspect where the “capacity” of the engine has a more significant role to play than the “type of fuel”. The actual lifespan, as stated earlier, depends on the capacity and built quality of the engine. Diesel engines will outlast their gasoline powered equivalents but this depends largely on the previous owners maintaining the vehicle.

Resale Value
As far as resale value is concerned, you might be better off with a gas powered vehicle. Thanks to public perception, gas powered vehicles generally go for higher compared to similar diesel vehicles. However, if the car you are planning to buy is less than 5 years old and has significant miles in it, even a diesel engine would not be a bad proposition.

What’s the Verdict?
Diesel or gas – both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. When looking to buy salvage cars for sale, you need to consider all the parameters we have listed and of course, the average distance you need to cover every day. If you have to travel long distances, going for a diesel powered vehicle would be a more cost-effective option, whereas, for short commutes, a gas-powered vehicle would be a better fit. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to learn more about any of the wrecked cars for sale listed with us, simply call ________ or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back with you, as soon as possible.


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