The Three Pillars of a Successful Online Auction

It wasn’t long ago that salvage auto auctions were limited to those with auto dealer licenses, but this isn’t the case anymore. Auto auctions online for the public now provide an opportunity to everyone to buy their dream car, without having to break the bank. Online auctions help you to make an informed decision regarding the vehicle you are planning to buy, as you can read all the details about the vehicles before you place your bids. Here are the three most important aspects of an online auto auction for the public:


Gone are the days when you had to search magazines, local newspapers or ask family and friends for any reliable contacts to purchase an old vehicle. The hassles of making calls to dealers and making appointments to check out the vehicle are now things of the past. Online public auto auction sites such as AutoBidMaster provide multiple images of the vehicles for sale. Online auto auctions have streamlined processes, so that buyers don’t need to chase dealers and sellers.

No-Stress Process

Members can enjoy the shopping experience from the comfort of their home. No stress, no pushy salesperson to deal with, and no large crowds. You go through the online bidding process at our site while sitting in your slippers at home. There is absolutely no pressure from the auctioneer side to purchase a vehicle that doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Peace of Mind

Most online auction sites offer a vehicle inspection program where a professional automotive assessor inspects your vehicle. In addition, after you win the bid and own the vehicle, you have the option to choose among trusted transportation companies to deliver your vehicle to any place you want. In short, by buying a car through online auto auction, you can not only be sure that you are making a wise investment, but also ensure that your investment reaches its destination.

That’s Not All

Online public auto auctions are more comfortable than on-site auctions, as you only need to register yourself as a bidder. You get the benefit of flexibility as well. Although there are several online auction websites available, you should go for those who have years of experience and have built a reputation as a being customer-friendly. When you use those criteria, AutoBidMaster is the clear choice. Contact us now and let our experts guide you through the bidding process.

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Pick the Bidding Style That’s Right for You

AutoBidMaster Bidding Style

Bidding with AutoBidMaster couldn’t be easier and we have enough flexibility to fit any person. Here are some tips on how to use our auction system to fit your style.

Buy It Now

Certain cars have an option called “Buy It Now”. This option will have a price listed next to it. If you agree to pay that exact price (There are no negotiations on Buy It Now.) you are awarded the vehicle immediately!

Set and Forget

Just set your maximum bid limit during the Preliminary Bidding stage, and let our system bid automatically for you. We will place bids incrementally to keep you just one step ahead of the competition. At the close of Preliminary Bidding, if you are the high bidder, our system automatically enters you into the Live Auction.

In the Live Auction this incremental bidding continues without going over your limit. This method saves you time and does all the heavy lifting for you. When you win, we automatically notify you.

Manual Bidding

If you’re a hands-on type of person and want more control over how much you bid, you can update your bids in real-time directly on the website whenever you see fit. This way you know exactly how much is being bid at any time. This generally requires more of your effort but gives you more control.

You can use manual bidding in both Preliminary Bidding and in the Live Auction. We strongly recommend watching some live auctions before entering one to make live bids.

You can select whichever option fits your style. You are also able to select any of these for each vehicle you bid on; you aren’t locked into any one of these. Bid and win at AutoBidMaster!

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Online Auto Auctions = The Best Selection & Value


An online auction is the place where you can select from the widest range of cars, trucks and other vehicles. You can select from over 100,000 cars here! (We have a very large garage.) Another advantage is that you can select from salvage vehicles; those are the best deals.

Salvaged cars can be repaired so that they are drivable, or even be parted out to make repairs on another vehicle. Of course, a salvage vehicle needs some level of repair to make it roadworthy. Yet, even after including the repair cost, it can be an amazing value.

We at AutoBidMaster make shopping for a salvage car as easy as it can be. Our website holds hundreds of auto auctions in one location. This allows members to place a bid on any vehicle that they wish to buy. Moreover, members can bid from the comfort of their home, at any time of day. With the help of AutoBidMaster, you can buy the car of your dreams.

Get started today at, and if you haven’t already, register for one of our three membership levels—two of them are free! Give yourself the chance to get the best selection at the best prices.

If you need help, our experienced support team can answer all of your questions. Email us at, or call 1(503)298-4300.

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A Salvaged Story: Action, Drama and… a 1971 Mustang


Once upon a time there was a car – it was a classic 1971 Ford Mustang, and it was smooth, fast, stylish, and carried its owner with pride. One unfortunate day the Mustang met with a terrible accident and could not sustain the resulting injuries. It received a salvage title, and its owner had to let it go because he could not afford to restore it. The car’s days were doomed to be dark and its future undecided, that is until auction day…

3After the auction, the car had a new owner. Mr. McGuire told us how he stumbled on this undiscovered beauty.  “I work at a bank in Portland, so investing comes naturally to me. I already owned a 2014 7 Series BMW, but I always wanted a classic Mustang ever since my teen years when the Mustang starred in the James Bond movies, Diamonds are Forever 1 and Gone in 60 Seconds.

In fact, during the grand finale of Diamond’s Are Forever, 007 races the Match 1 Mustang through a narrow Las Vegas alley while balancing on two side wheels. Not only does he escape the authorities with this daring movie, he miraculously exits the alley balancing on the opposite two wheels(!), creating one of the most famous movie editing errors in Hollywood history. In addition to that, the movie featured no less than 6 Mustangs to complete all the action packed chase scenes.

4Gone in 60 Seconds, on the other hand, featured only two Mustangs: Eleanor One and Eleanor Two. The filmmaker H.B. “Toby” Halicki customized Eleanor One for the  stunts and car chases,  and Eleanor Two for external beauty shots. Sadly, Eleanor One met a fateful ending in the movie’s dramatic chase scene where the car was totaled, whereas Eleanor Two lived on. However, to this day, “Eleanor” is the only Ford Mustang in history to have received a star title credit in a movie. 2

With the Ford Mustang being such a big movie star in the 1970s, it makes sense that Mr. McGuire would want to customize his very own later in life.

He continues, “I researched a bit on the internet, but I couldn’t find a restored version of the car that I liked. I came across some auction sites and ultimately found the perfect car at It was in pretty bad shape, but  I knew with a little work, it could become the car I wanted. A classic 1971 Ford Mustang for only $2,900. My only problem at that time was that I didn’t understand the bidding process. Online auctions were foreign to me, however; I followed the “How to Buy” guidelines, placed a bid and won!”

After the auction, Mr. McGuire worked with our auto experts on restoring the salvaged Mustang back to much of it’s original 1971 state, including the Boss 429 engine with 370 horsepower. For the car’s exterior, we found a set of original triple lens tail lights and flush mounted door handles that made that year significant for the Mustang. For the interior, high-back bucket seats for a sweet ride. Add in a new wide chrome strip and some black paint and voila’ – Mr. McGuire had a 1971 Mustang designed custom just for him. The once abandoned Mustang was another’s dream car — smooth, fast, and stylish once again!


The moral of the story?  A salvage vehicle is not useless, it just needs a new owner.  Check our inventory today to find your perfect, one of a kind, diamond in the rough. We’ll help you from purchase to restoration.

1 Diamonds Are Forever (1971) movie poster featuring Sean Connery and Jill St. John. Image courtesy Wikipedia.
2 1971 Mustang Sportsroof Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds (1974). Image courtesy Wikipedia

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Buy Salvage Vehicles on a Shoestring Budget

Salvage CarsBuying a new car can be a daunting task, especially if you are a first-time buyer. It can be confusing and prove costly as well. This is the reason why you should consider buying a used or salvage car rather than opting for a brand new car straightaway. By purchasing a previously owned car, or a salvage car, you can save money. However, you need to be careful before buying a salvage car, especially making sure that it is in a repairable condition. You can also buy a used sport bike from salvage auto auctions at affordable prices.

There is no type or brand of a vehicle that you cannot avail from salvage auto auctions. You can actually buy repairable vehicles at economical prices. Salvage vehicles doesn’t mean irreparable or junk vehicles; sometimes you can find fairly good cars and sport bikes that carry slight or moderate level of damage. Many times, police impounded, theft recovered and bank repossessed vehicles are also available for sale. They have moderate damage, but once they are repaired; they can be made roadworthy. The best part is that these vehicles can be bought by paying a fraction of what you will have to pay for a new one. You have an option to get them customized and breathe new life into the damaged car or bike.

If you have never visited online automobile auctions, then you are missing out on some hidden treasures that you should indeed discover. They are listed with partially destroyed cars and you can get the best deals there. You can finalize your deal from the comfort of your home by making online transactions. You can browse the websites of automobile auctions thoroughly to get a fair idea. You will get all of the essential information regarding the vehicle there, right from the price and features to the repair costs. You can participate in this auction from any corner of the world. Doesn’t it sound amazing that you can own your dream car for a fraction of the price of a new one? You can choose between various brands and models by going through their images and other information.

If you are cash strapped and still desire to have your own car, then you can consider buying a salvage car. Salvage cars are sold at discounted prices and one can save a lot of money, even after including the repair costs. You can purchase the vehicle at a low price, spend some money on its repair and turn it into a functioning vehicle.

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Clean Title Cars From AutoBidMaster

AutoBidMaster has inventory lists of all kinds of cars that are available. Used cars, salvage cars, and clean titled cars are for sale online at this site. Customers can bid on the cars put on Coparts Auto Auctions through

Now, what does a clean title car mean? A clean title means a legal title acquired from the Department of Motor Vehicles for a particular car that is free of any controversy like an accident history or theft. Afterwards, the car gets a clean title and a legal registration. When all kinds of payments are cleared for buying the car, the car gets a clean title. Even if the owner buys the car with a loan from the bank, the car will not get a clean title unless all previously related finance or loan payments are cleared with the bank and the funds lent are repaid in full. Only when the car is debt-free will it get a clean title, otherwise, there is a risk that the car gets a tag that says that it is not completely free of its debt.

People are often more interested in buying a car with a clean title. This will ensure the prospective customer that the car neither has an outstanding payment to be cleared or any accidents or bad history linked with it. When it has a clean title, it also means that the vehicle is not classed as a salvaged vehicle. So, a clean title is extremely important for the car owner when buying it, and also when registering the newly owned vehicle in his name.

These salvage and clean titled cars are available at AutoBidMaster available for auction from Copart Auto Auctions. The customer will have to search for clean titled cars for a list of available to be displayed on the website. These cars may have multiple owners, but since it has a clean title it means that these vehicles are safe to ride on the road. The customers will not have to physically look at such cars at various dealerships and auto auctions. They can do the very same thing virtually through AutoBidMaster.

Prospective buyers can choose a car according to their requirements and place bids. When a customer wins a bid, then they place the order online, and pays for the car through various payment options. When the payment is cleared, the new owner gets a confirmation that allows the order to be dispatched to a shipping address. The shipping cost is less compared to the hassle of physically searching for the car, and then buying it, which saves a lot of time, effort, and energy. The clean titled cars are generally used cars that cost less, but they perform as good as the nearly new cars.

Be it clean titled cars, used cars, or salvage vehicles, at AutoBidMaster, a customer can find all kinds of cars by paying a nominal registration fee for the transaction and the shipping charges. This is always a better option while choosing a clean titled car for sale and getting a good deal on your next car.

Learn more about the benefits of salvage cars available via by clicking the blog header now!

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Used Car Parts

old scrap cars in scrap yardA car’s health and lifespan greatly depends on proper and routine maintenance. Most car maintenance is affordable, simple, and quick. For example, one should change the oil in one’s car every 5,000 miles. Periodically, the car’s filters, such as air and fuel filters, will need to be replaced. On a regular basis, one should check the tire pressure and fuel levels in the vehicle. If diligent, one can maintain a vehicle for years. However, despite these preventative measures, every car eventually ages, and parts begin to fail. Certain auto components are more expensive to replace than others, and one might consider buying used car parts, especially for more costly repairs.

Like most vehicles, cars are notoriously expensive to repair, especially those not under warranty. However, some newer cars or those with an extended warranty can also be costly to repair. Most warranties have restrictions, and might not cover cosmetic fixes, like spills on upholstery, or certain electrical or mechanical replacements, like sunroofs and even engines. Because of the high costs associated with new parts, people often opt for used car parts when repairs are necessary.

Commonly employed used car parts vary in cost and function. For instance, an individual might buy used chrome wheels to add more aesthetics to the vehicle. Other used car parts include steering columns, breaks, transmissions, body panels, and fuel pumps. For a mechanic, buying these parts new is expensive and sometimes unrealistic. A body shop might opt for used car parts instead. However, finding and buying individual parts requires effort, especially if one does not live near a salvage yard. A mechanic must physically visit the salvage yard, searching for the part, like the fuel pump. In some instances, it might be more beneficial for a dealership to purchase salvage title car to attain numerous parts.

Online auto auctions are growing more popular. These auctions, such as those facilitated by, are convenient. For one, they eliminate the need for onsite inspection. In addition, buying a salvage vehicle as opposed to individual parts is, in turn, actually more beneficial. A mechanic will have a near constant supply of varying parts in his or her shop, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing repair time.

In short, AutoBidMaster is a convenient way to attain used car parts. However, the company does not sell parts individually. Instead, company brokers entire salvage vehicles, including cars, from Copart Auto Auctions. While purchasing an entire car might seem daunting, it has many advantages. When bought at auto auctions facilitated by Autobidmaster, a salvage car can not only be purchased at an affordable rate, but it can be shipped to one’s desired location inexpensively as well.

Often, salvage cars boast parts in like-new condition. Because online auto auctions eliminate physical visits to salvage yards, one saves time, money, and effort. Furthermore, entire salvage vehicles are advantageous for mechanics that work on older car makes and models, attaining parts that might no longer be manufactured. Regardless, purchasing salvage cars for their parts is beneficial to one’s business.

Here at Autobidmaster, attaining a salvage vehicle is simple. Simply click the blog header now to learn more!

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