1957 Plymouth Cars in Junk Yards

All over America, classics such as the 1957 Plymouth cars in junk yards are rusting away to nothing, although they are in fact rebuildable classic cars. Once the pride of Detroit, these classics are languishing in backyards, farm fields or as junk in someone’s salvage yard. Sometimes they are worth salvaging, with no major structural defects and only minor rust and damage to the body panels. The chassis and undercarriage might still be sound, and the body panels may have only surface rust or dents and dings. They have probably already been stripped of many of the usable engine parts, but after years of sitting in a field rusting, those parts were probably shot anyway. Every so often, a viable frame and chassis will emerge from a junk pile, and the enthusiastic car restorer can find items at an online auction.

Oftentimes, however, these pieces of Americana are merely yard art, weeds allowed to grow up around them, presenting a profile of what was once a lovely piece of machinery. 1957 Plymouth cars in junk yards growing out of the ground can either seem really interesting, or break your heart. You’ll see old cars out in the middle of farmlands, crops growing around them and the farmer avoiding them with their plows; they are perhaps appreciating the aesthetic appeal of a purely American art form: Car as yard art.

If you have a junk car that you would like to get a little money for, there are dealers that can help you figure the value of the automobile and the logistics of getting it out of the yard and onto the auction block. That piece of yard art might get you some cash, and in these financially-strapped times, it might be worth it to look over your salvage piece and decide to let it go. There are lots and lots of car enthusiasts around for whom your junker might be their Mona Lisa, and even if they don’t need the whole car, they might be interested in specific parts for their own restoration project.

You’ll need to do some research to judge the level of interest in your particular scrap/project car. Look around online and in specialty papers and find out what similar 1957 Plymouth cars in junk yards are selling for, and find out just how hard it would be to get parts for someone who was interested in restoration. Find out what a salvage title means in your state, and what you need to do to attain one, so that the sales transaction is completely legal. Find out what an online auction house would charge to list and sell your vehicle, and if the shipping costs would be too exorbitant to even consider listing your car. Find out if you might be able to restore it yourself, and resell it. You might find you have an affinity for car restoration, and that the cost of materials makes it more than worth it for you to restore and keep it for yourself.

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