5 Cruiser Types Every Enthusiast Must Know

Watercraft are often divided into three types: cruising, fishing, and watersports. A lot of folks prefer cruisers, for the simple reason that the boats are specifically designed to help boaters relax and have fun on the water. Cruisers are available in a wide range of packages, from the basic types for day cruising to ones with cabins and other luxury amenities that make them ideal for overnight trips. Before you decide on a cruiser to buy, it is important to understand the different cruiser types so that you can make an ideal pick. To help, here are five types of cruisers you must know. The good news is that you can find most of the packages as repossessed boats for sale at AutoBidMaster’s online auctions.

Repossessed Boats For Sale

1. Pontoon Boats

A Pontoon boat, with big side rails and wide decks, is an ideal option for people with young boaters on board. These cruisers feature a number of amenities including moveable tables, comfortable seats, and even stereos. That means, enjoy miles of sea cruising with your family with a feeling of being close to your home.

2. Cabin Cruisers

Cabin cruisers are creature comforts for anglers or any boating enthusiast. Talk about bathroom, cooking, or sleeping, they are equipped with almost all facilities to make your life relaxed, easy, and double your fun over water. Ranging from 24 to 40 feet in length, cabin cruisers are powered by an inboard drive, making them ideal for saltwater cruising, as they don’t corrode easily. No wonder they are one of the most bid salvage boats for sale in online auctions.

3. Bowrider

Imagine a deck boat with a little more V-shaped hull and there you have a bowrider. This cruiser type is one of the most prominent runabouts that seats up to 10 passengers. Bowriders, like deck boats, are ideal for towing tubes, skiers, and wakeboarders -- thanks to their tow eye at the stern. These cruisers, like cabin cruisers, feature sterndrive and are a breeze to maneuver at high speeds. Bowriders are also trailerable, which makes them more in demand than others.

4. Trawler

If you love voyaging, buying a trawler will be your means to the end. The rounded-bottom displacement hulls of these cruisers make room for every facility from sleeping to cooking to bathrooms, a must for long sea travels. Many trawlers even feature washer/dryers and other full-size appliances, which makes them one of the favorite repo boats for sale in auctions. Trawlers are perfect companions for day and overnight cruising, and can float in as less as three feet of water.

5. Sailboats

Sail boats are also meant for voyaging. These cruisers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from beach catamaran (14-20 feet long) primarily used for quick day sailing to cruising sailboats (16-50+ feet) for long sea voyages with large groups. Sailboats are also a type of powerboat, as many of them use an engine, in addition to a sailboard for cruising. When purchasing a sailboat from our salvage boat auctions for the first time, make sure to begin with a smaller package.

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