Why Buying a Used Motorcycle is Better Than Renting

August 12, 2014

In a difficult economy, people are always looking at ways to save money and are very careful about managing their expenditures. Many people put their major purchases on hold, waiting for the economy to rebound.

What Makes A Harley Davidson So Special?

August 4, 2014

Die-hard bikers will laugh their heads off if you ever questioned them regarding the specialty of Harley Davidson bikes. Harley Davidson is an American innovation and apart from nostalgia, it has more than a million reasons to be special.

Used Car Prices are Seeing a Downfall

July 23, 2014

The market is seeing an improvement in credit conditions and this is likely to move in the upward direction even in the coming year. Looking at the market conditions, used-car auction giant Manheim predicted that the environment is conducive for sustained vitality in the new, used and even salvage (markets. These and other trends were explored in the Manheim's 19th annual Used Car Market Report that was released in January 2014 at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention.

Online Salvage Auctions Gain More Popularity

July 23, 2014

As the wounds of the recession are still ripe, people are still hesitant to spend on anything else other than essentials. Needless to say that buying a luxury car is a distant dream. However salvage cars have given a ray of hope to many. Buying a salvage vehicle gives an opportunity to own a luxury car, that too at a much lesser price. A salvage car auction can be a perfect place to find the car of your dreams. Apart from the affordability factor, these auctions give you the luxury to find all the cars at one place and bidding and payment also happens at the same place.

Outlook on the Used Vehicles Market in 2014

July 22, 2014

The used-car market in the United States has been seeing a lot of action. Both buyers and sellers are excited about the market and are seeing a huge potential in the business. This development has prompted even franchised car dealers who deal in new cars across the nation to give more attention to their used-vehicle operations. Some are even opening stores for used cars exclusively. So why are the franchisers gung ho about this market? The market is huge and a large part of it is untapped by franchised new-car dealers. In the US, as the developing economy, the ratio of new car sales to used car sales is increasing at a steady pace. At present, it is 1:2.5, which implies that for every new car sold, more than two pre-owned cars are sold.