A New Driver Guide to Auto Safety

One of the greatest feelings that people experience is the way they feel being able to drive. People of all ages are fascinated by cars and having the ability to drive. With driving comes a great deal of responsibility. The safety of the driver, passengers and others on and off the road must be considered. It is important that all drivers be aware of this responsibility and take it seriously.

All new and experienced drivers need to be aware of many different factors while driving. Drivers need to know all the rules that govern driving. These rules range from knowing the speed limit to knowing where to legally park. Not only do drivers need to be aware of the rules, but they must obey them in order to keep everyone stay safe on the road.

Other areas of concern for drivers include what to do in the event of an emergency. How a driver reacts to the emergency can be the difference between disaster and averting trouble altogether. In addition, many drivers have to drive autos in bad weather. Knowing how to drive in inclement weather is important for both new and experienced drivers to stay safe.

Generally one of the driving classifications with the highest accident rate is teenage drivers. Due to the general lack of experience in driving, statistics show that drivers in their teens and into their early twenties are more prone to accidents than other age groups. Because of this, it is important that we provide teens and all new drivers with information and resources on how to be a safe driver.

To help new drivers become safe drivers, we have assembled a collection of educational resources on many vital topics. We hope that this information helps in keeping everyone safe on the roadways.

  • Digest of Motor Laws - In this helpful resource from AAA, you will find various motor vehicle laws broken down by state.
  • Distracted Driving Laws – This article outlines the various laws about distracted driving in the United States.
  • Texting and Driving – In this government web page you will find out about the different laws about distracted driving by state.
  • DWI/DUI Laws – Listing of the laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated or under the influence by state.
  • NSC Safety on the Road – Article from the National Safety Council which contains ways to be safe while driving and riding on the road.
  • Highway and Travel Safety – In this page from the American Red Cross, you will learn tips on how to be safe while traveling on the roadways.
  • Driving Emergencies – This page from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles talks about what drivers should do in an emergency.
  • Surviving Driving Emergencies – This article lists nine common driving emergencies and how you should handle them.
  • Driving Emergencies – Edmunds provides information in this article on how to survive the ten most common driving emergencies.
  • Winter Driving Safety – The Indiana Department of Transportation has put together this safe driving guide for drivers in winter weather conditions.
  • Driving at Night – Information sheet which discusses the risks of driving at night along with offering driving tips.
  • Teen Driver Fact Sheet – In this web page from the CDC, many statistics and information on teen driving are provided.
  • Facts and Statistics – Fact sheet which looks at teen drivers and driving habits.
  • New Driver Resource Center - Useful collection of information and resources to assist new drivers in driving safely.