The Dangers of Teen Drinking and Intoxicated Driving

A lot of teens die in car crashes. In fact, vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teenage death, far above shooting, suicide, or cancer. Despite a great deal of tax dollars spend on public advertising against drunk driving, it seems like almost every year, a community loses one of its teens to an easily preventable accident. Drinking and driving still happens because alcohol reduces inhibitions, and sadly, one of the inhibitions it reduces is your stance against drinking and driving. Your resolution needs to be rock solid so you can succeed in making the right call. There's really no secret besides constantly reminding yourself to not do it.

Besides driving drunk, there are other sorts of distractions that can cause major accidents while learning how to drive. Pot, prescription drugs, or cold medicine can cause similar effects. Drowsiness is another huge issue, as most teens don't get the sleep they need on a day-to-day basis. Also, the constant allure of electronics is a problem. Don't text and drive, don't mess with your smart phone, try to avoid excessive toying with the radio, and set up your GPS before you leave. Pull over if you need to!

Invite your parents to become involved. Take a defensive driving or driver education course, and tell them how it can often save money on insurance. Keep a checklist or complete a driving journal and talk about what you may have trouble with. Never allow distractions, drinking, or drug-use ruin your life! Utilize the following resources in learning about how to drive safely: