Auto Auctions Detroit MI

An online auto auction can mean a real deal when you are looking for a car. If a new car is out of your reach financially, finding an auto auction in Detroit, MI can mean the difference between owning a great car or a real clunker. The average consumer can now peruse the online databases of thousands of cars, trucks, campers and bikes and come away with a great bargain on a salvaged auto, a repossession or government-seized car.

Insurance companies will often “total” a car that has nothing more than cosmetic damage, the car not being worth it to the insurance company to fix, but potentially totally worth it to you as the customer. Often, these cars do not need heavy-duty structural fixes, and a good online auction house will give you a list of each and every defect that might need repair before it passes inspection in your state. You might need to do nothing more than buff out some scratches or pull away some door dings before it not only looks great, but also passes inspection with ease.

Salvage titles are different than regular titles, and the buyer needs to do his or her research on individual state laws before committing to purchase, because the salvage title can affect the resale conditions of your particular purchase. Know too before going in, that the costs of parts and labor for repairs should be factored into the final price of your “new” auto, as should auction fees and registration and licensing. Factor in shipping and taxes, too. You might find that what you thought was a deal is no longer one because of the many expensive parts you might need to purchase. When you begin looking for auto auctions in Detroit, MI consider where the car will be delivered to and the terms of the pickup.

Before you start combing over the thousands of potential autos, have a list either in your head or paper about exactly what you are looking for. Know whether you want a sedan or coupe, a pickup truck or an SUV. Know what color you want, what manufacturers you are interested in and find out what years, makes and models are available in your field of interest. Check out mileage and condition, and have a trusted mechanic available to advise you as to the wisdom of a particular purchase. This can narrow down the search time, and bring you to the car of your dreams even faster.

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