Auto Auctions in Texas

There are several reasons why people living in Texas and buying an automobile at auction might want to restrict their search to auto auctions in Texas. For instance, buying a vehicle in one state and shipping it to another might be a chore they simply don't have time for.

However, if they are buying on the Web they can participate in an auction anywhere they wish. If they only want to bid in Texas, then a good option is to visit and simply have to click the icon, 'vehicle finder' and a number of choices open. They can search by state, city, or even zip code.

Obtaining the membership at is very easy. One only has to supply contact information, pay the membership fee and post a $400.00 security deposit. As soon as that is accomplished, the Texan can begin to bid at auto auctions in Texas or anywhere else. The security deposit is fully refundable.

The four hundred dollar deposit is a minimum. It only entitles a buyer to bid on cars priced up to $4000.00. Anyone who wishes to bid a car over $4,000.00 must add one hundred dollars for every one thousand dollars above the $4,000.00. In other words, the security deposit must register ten percent of the bid price at all times.

People who lose a bid, or who can't find anything on auction that they want to buy, just need to apply to have their deposit refunded and if they actually buy a car, the deposit will be returned after the purchase is completed. They do have to submit an application for the refund. However, they can't use the security deposit as part of the payment for the car. An individual who is a successful bidder at an auction must pay for the vehicle within twenty-four hours.

They can make the security deposit using just about any credit card, debit card, Paypal, or a bank transfer. Once they purchase a car, the purchase price and the transaction fees must be paid by bank transfer. After they pay for the car, they can apply for a refund of the security deposit.

The site is very easy to navigate. There is a chart for computing the transaction fees for any purchase. Vehicles are divided into categories such as 'non-repairable' and 'exotic.' There is information posted about the condition of the vehicle up for auction. The site also specifies whether the buyer can get a 'clean title' to the vehicle that has sparked his interest. And the location for each car is given. And if the buyers desire to stay with auto auctions in Texas they only need to input the state or zip code when they conduct their search. helps you bid on and buy salvage vehicles of every description, including salvage RVs and salvage trucks for sale.