Auto Salvage Auction Michigan

Auto Salvage Auction Michigan: Getting on the Road Cheaper

The cheaper you can get on the road the better, surely. Doing this by buying through showrooms and taking out car finance to buy something you cannot afford is never going to be the smartest way to buy a vehicle. You pay far too much for the car; you have crippling interest payment to find every month; and you are stuck with whatever the dealer happens to have in his showroom at the time you drift in off the street! Buying at an auto salvage auction Michigan can save you thousands of dollars on the screen price of the right car – the right model and the right year!

Saving as much money as possible is the key to staying solvent in the worst economic climate since The Crash. Paying out thousands more than you need to buy a car that is not exactly what you want is crazy. Why not get the car you want and at a price that is low enough to avoid taking out finance? That way you will save the interest payments for a vacation or to take the family out more often. Wake up and understand there are ways to get the vehicle you want without having to pay a small fortune for it. Take a virtual trip to an auto salvage auction Michigan and browse some of the fantastic cars up for auction.

Where do these cars come from?

The cars that come to auto salvage auction Michigan are actually insurance write offs mostly. Insurance companies write off many thousands of vehicles every year and they go to auction in a variety of different conditions. Some are badly wrecked or collision-damaged, and are only suitable for parts – the parts are also auctioned off at a very reasonable price so it is possible to buy a rebuildable car and the parts to go with it and get a really cheap car as a result.

Other insurance write offs are the result of default payments on finance, so the car could have a really low mileage and be in great condition. Obviously these cars draw a higher price but nothing like the level you will see in your local dealership; you will still save thousand on the screen price by buying auto salvage auction Michigan cars. Cars that have served their term of service as fleet vehicles also come to auction and these might have a higher mileage but we all know that modern cars are not as troubled by a high mileage as they once might have been.

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