Bike Auctions KSA

Bidding in bike auctions KSA is easy. There are two phases that are involved in these kinds of auctions. The first phase is the preliminary bidding part and the second phase is the virtual sale. For the preliminary bidding, the bid has to be submitted one day before up to one hour before the scheduled start of the sale. The starting price of the virtual sale is actually the highest bid price that has been received during the preliminary phase of bidding.
The virtual sale is an actual live bike auction that is taking place online. You will have to submit your bid and compete with other bidders online for the bike of your choice. These auctions for bikes are keenly followed by bike enthusiasts who are buying and selling regularly. The auction includes not only the bikes but the bike parts too. People sell their motorcycles either entirely or one part at a time. Bike buffs looking for a particular part for their Kawasaki or a Harley Davidson may find it in these bikes auction.

The seller can place the bike part for sale in KSA by setting up the minimum bid and also the increments. `Buy it now' option is also available to give the buyer an opportunity to go for that exact bid. When the auction is closed, the buyer and the seller will get an email outlining the details of the auction. The bike or the parts can then be exchanged for money as the auctioneer does not get involved.

Most auction houses and online auctions for dirt bikes in KSA require that the buyers should pre-register with identity proof and credit card details.

The buyer will be provided with a paddle with a unique number which has to be used during the process of bidding in the bike auctions KSA.

Before the bikes are auctioned, they have to be evaluated. The auction house will demand to examine a bike if it is a rare one. However, a reasonable estimation is done for most classic bikes and the sale price is always subject to the fees of the auction houses.