BMW Motorcycle Salvage

Whether you are a BMW motorcycle enthusiast looking for an everyday bike, a collector looking for another showpiece, or you want to restore BMW motorcycle salvage for fun or profit, salvage bikes are a cost effective option for both restoration and parts for repairs. It's understandable why so many motorcycle hobbyists flock to BMW motorcycles for their salvage projects - vintage BMW motorcycles are attractive, unique, and give the driver an amazing riding experience due to the great deal of extra torque provided by their horizontally opposed piston engine. Because they are somewhat in-demand and relatively rare, they can be more costly than other motorcycles, so saving money by starting with a salvage bike or parts bike is a great idea.

Using Auction Sites to Buy Bikes and Parts Bikes
Before you begin a restoration project, you need a bike to restore. Many use online salvage auctions to buy one bike to restore, and another similar bike to use for spare parts. If you can't find anything in your immediate area, working with a legitimate online broker, such as will help you find the best salvages motorcycle auctions. Such online auction sites list bikes from all over, so it's likely that somewhere, right now, someone is selling the exact bike you want.

Even if you already have a wrecked bike, Auto Bid Master can also be helpful in finding parts cheaply.If you get a buyer's account on, you'll be able to make purchases, and save hundreds on your BMW Motorcycle Salvage.

Once you have the bike and the parts necessary to complete any repairs, consider how far you want to go with your project. What does restoration mean to you? To some, restoration just means getting the bike back on the road, street legal, in good working condition and looking mostly cleaned up and original. To others, nothing less than a full restoration of the Beemer's original incarnation is acceptable. Figuring out your repair goals will help you realize a realistic budget and repair timeframe.

After winning the auction, be sure to arrange shipping through Auto Bid Master. You can overspend by hundreds of dollars if you ship with the wrong company, so make sure that you get your bike safely back in the easiest, most cost effective way possible.

Continuing Maintenance
If you plan to keep your bike after you've completed your salvage project, your work still isn't done. Like most other vehicles, BMW motorcycles require regular maintenance.

Every week: Check your tire pressure.

Every month: Check tire tread depth, leaks in areas which contain oil, oil level, shocks, forks, and lights.

Every three months or three thousand miles: Change the oil, clean the engine and sump fins, if needed, service battery and gear box, clean air filter, check your clutch adjustment, check your spark plugs, points gap, and timing, as well as your brakes.

Every year: Change drive shaft oil, change final drive oil, and check and adjust your steering head bearings.

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