Buying a Car With a Salvage Title

A car that has been wrecked, recovered from theft, damaged by flood or hail, or otherwise damaged; resulting in an insurance write-off, will often be re-sold with a salvage title. States issue salvage titles for wrecked cars so that people looking to buy them will know their history and can take special precautions to be sure they are not buying cars that still have problems left over from restoration work. A car that was wrecked and has a bent frame, for example, may have irreparable alignment problems that will affect handling and increase tire wear. A car that was salvaged from a flood zone may have corrosion damage that is not visible to an untrained eye. For most car buyers, a salvage title may be a warning flag that keeps them from considering purchasing the car, but for the right shopper, buying a car with a salvage title from Auto Bid Master could be a very good strategy.

When Buying a Car With a Salvage Title Makes Sense
If you know a lot about cars, and especially if you are good at working on them, you might be able to get a great deal on a car with a salvage title. Insurance companies often write off a car as a total loss if they think the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the car. You may be able to find a car that is "totaled" by the insurer’s definition, but that is perfect for someone like you who can fix it up for a fairly small investment in parts and labor. Another reason to buy a car with a salvage title would be to use it for spare parts when you are working to restore another, less damaged car of a similar make and model.

How to Find Cars With Salvage Titles
You may be able to find cars with salvage titles through local classified ads in your newspaper, or even at a local used car lot. Some damaged cars even have clear titles if they were not written off by an insurer and can still run, but have superficial body damage that severely reduces their value. One of the best places to look for damaged cars you can rebuild is at rebuildable car auction broker sites. If you call such a broker site, they can likely let you know what the law says about making salvaged cars street legal again.

If you are the winning bidder on a wrecked car, the auction company will handle all of the transaction paperwork to make the car sale legal and proper, and you can arrange to have the car delivered to you if it is not in running condition. If you calculate your costs carefully and make a smart budget, you could get a really good deal on a car to rebuild.

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