Car Auction Richmond VA

All over the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia, car auctions are the way to go for cheap deals on used or salvage title cars, boats, motorcycles, campers and RV’s. Car auctions in Richmond VA offer online auction sales of automobiles that have been sold "as-is" by insurance companies, or have been seized by the government as forfeiture in criminal matters such as tax or drug cases. They might even include dealers who are getting rid of excess inventory or repossessed vehicles that are in outstanding condition.

Cars are generally structurally sound, the chassis being solid, the exhaust perhaps only needing minor repairs, and the brakes being in good working order. A reputable site will list any potential problems, so the surprises are minimal.

The educated consumer can pick these cars up for a steal at auction, with (mostly) only cosmetic repairs needing to be made before the car is road-worthy. They have been either written off by insurance companies as a total loss, or have been seized with some minor repairs being required, any number of which can be made by the at-home amateur with the right parts and equipment. Great deals can be found on cars that have only minor dings or scratches, or need a little TLC on the interiors.

A car auction in Richmond, VA can be accessed by the average consumer as well as big lot dealers. Auto bidding is conducted usually online, with an easy online registration and the ability to pay at the time of winning the auction bid. New car markups are non-existent, these autos being reclaimed or salvaged and needing minor repairs. A good mechanic can tell you if the car is worth the investment, and the consumer needs to know that the cost of parts and repairs to bring the car to road-worthy status should be factored into the final cost of the car. You don’t want to find a great deal on a car, only to find out that it needs thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs just to get it street ready. You also want to know that the car does not have potentially dangerous safety issues that will be too costly to feasibly repair.

Be advised too, that laws vary state by state as to what a “salvage” title means. You need to do a little research to find out what a salvage title will mean to the resale value or insurance limitations on your purchase.

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