Clean Title Rebuildable Cars

Clean title rebuildable cars are not as easy to find as wrecked cars with salvage titles, but if you know where to look and are patient, you may be able to find just what you are looking for. Cars that have been declared total losses by insurers will be issued a salvage title to alert future buyers that the vehicles have been damaged. In some states, a fully repaired car can be issued a clean title after inspection, but the laws vary from state to state. An insurer will declare a wrecked car a total loss if it will cost the insurer more to repair it than the car is worth, according to standard resale value tables. This does not necessarily mean that the car is damaged beyond repair, so if you are knowledgeable and handy with tools, you may be able to buy a car with a salvage title and get it into good running condition for a total cost far below what you would pay for a comparable undamaged used car.

Many cars find their way to the auction lot as clean title rebuildable cars, even though they may be damaged enough to scare away most buyers. This may be the case for cars that were in minor accidents and have significant body damage that was never reported to an insurer. These cars are often in good running condition and sell for far below their actual value.

Why Buy at Auction
Bidding on a used car through an online auction broker site like Auto Bid Master offers you many advantages over buying from your local classified ads in newspapers. By working with the auction company, you are saved from face to face dealings with the vehicle owner. Negotiations for price are effectively settled by the bidding process. The auction broker will collect payment and handle title work for you, which will save a great deal of time. For their services, auction companies charge very reasonable fees, either as a commission that is a percentage of the sale price, or as a flat fee.

By watching online auction listings, you can see thousands of used cars that go on sale every week and get a much larger selection than your local market can offer. Buying at auction, especially if you are looking for a salvage car to rebuild or strip for parts, is usually the best way to get a great deal.

Know What You are Bidding On
Take the time to visit the auction lot and actually test drive or inspect the car you are interested in, or look closely at images of the car. Look for obvious signs of unreported damage. Pay attention to things like the color of the transmission fluid and radiator fluid and look for obvious leaks around the engine and hoses. By being an informed buyer, you might get the deal of a lifetime on a great car.

Buying a Rebuildable Car from an Authorized Dealer
It's easy to buy cars and bid on used or rebuildable cars at auction. Auto Bid Master can get you a buyer's account that will give you access to thousands of cars every day. They'll even set up shipping for you once you've won your car at auction.

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