Commercial Vehicle Salvage

Many people understand just that salvage auction are a great way to buy vehicles. The truth is, commercial vehicle salvage auctions are an excellent way to find a used, but repairable, commercial vehicle or inexpensive replacement parts for a commercial vehicle you currently own. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add a commercial vehicle to your fleet or a way to repair one, a vehicle salvage auction might be the best way to do it.

A commercial vehicle salvage auction is much more than an auction site for tractors, trailers and cabs. In fact, salvage auction listings are often full of vehicles that can and will run again. Because the vehicles are either partially damaged or in need of engine work, it is often possible to pick up even a large commercial vehicle for very little, including salvage cars located in all 50 states.

  1. 1. Truck Cabs: Most salvage auctions include listings for truck cabs that can be used for parts, like panels, or can be used as is.
  2. 2. Recycled parts: Salvage yards adhere to regulations regarding the dismantling of commercial trucks that cannot be repaired. This means that any engine parts still in good working order are properly removed and inventoried, allowing you to pick up used parts at great prices at auction. This also includes generating sets.
  3. 3. Salvage Trucks: Salvage trucks are trucks that are used but repairable. They may be in need of some engine work or there may be damage to the body. By purchasing a salvage truck from a commercial vehicle salvage auction, you have the added benefit of access to their selection of recycled part to use when completing repairs.
  4. 4. Trailers: Most yards will also carry salvage trailers or trailer parts for use to repair existing rigs.

When selecting a commercial vehicle salvage auction site to work with there are several things to keep in mind. First, the auction site should have reputation for excellence. Second, some auction sites often have commercial contracts with companies with large fleets. This often means they have access to a bigger selection of damaged, but repairable, commercial vehicles.

Like anything, when looking for a commercial salvage vehicle, it is important to take your time. Because of a constantly changing inventory, even if current auctions have the recycled part or truck you are looking for, they very well may have it next week. Find a commercial vehicle salvage to work with today – it is a cost effective way to maintain or grow a fleet.

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