Crashed Cars for Sale in the Middle East

When you go to inspect the crashed cars for sale in the Middle East, it is better to take a mechanic along with you who can inspect these damaged cars. You have to make out a checklist before you inspect with full details of what you need to look for. Crashed cars are repairable and can function very well for daily use or can also be turned into project cars after getting the necessary repairs done. Restored cars can be safe as any other cars and they can offer you a good opportunity to save much money.

The insurance companies declare these crashed cars for sale as total losses and they do not bother about their repairs. They estimate that the cost of repairs may go higher than seventy per cent of the resale value and they tend to ignore that issue and deem the cars as totaled. There are various instances in KSA where a pile up can involve many cars on a highway. The insurance companies may end up surveying only a few wrecked cars and then to save their expense and time, they can declare a large number of similar vehicles as total losses even though some of those cars may have only slight damages.

These crashed cars go to the car salvage auctions and to salvage dealers. Insurance companies sell these crashed cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to salvage auctions from where they can be picked up by the general public or the rebuilders and the used car agencies. These crashed cars for sale have to be marked `salvage' as per the title laws.

As there are numerous accidents every day in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region, the crashed cars are displayed at salvage auctions which are conducted every now and then by professional auctioneers like Auto Bid Master who are a registered broker for Copart Auto Auctions. These auctions are a great place to look for crashed cars for sale. Some of the people attending such auctions are professional restorers of cars who have made a business out of restoring and reselling crashed cars for a high profit.