Dealer Salvage Cars

Dealer Salvage Cars: Finding Salvage at the Right Price

Salvage cars are available from several places, most of which offer the cars at a profit. Cutting out the middle man is the secret to making a good profit on dealer salvage cars. Dealers need to access auto auctions to get the best dealer salvage cars on the market. The cars are then re-presented after a few repairs and the customer is charged a mark up on just about every part of the process.

Dealer salvage cars are available at auction in thousands. Every year these cars are written off by insurance companies, either due to collision damage or perhaps because the car has been used as a fleet model or rental. Once it is retired from service it is offered for auction, sometimes with a low mileage but with crash damage; sometimes with a high mileage but with relatively no body damage; sometimes a combination. Whatever the condition of the car, the condition is reflected in the price and price is certainly low at auction. Dealer salvage cars that bring a screen price of say, US$20,000 might be available at auction at US$12,000.

Dealer salvage cars may be bought via online auto auctions and delivered within a significantly faster time frame than when buying from the showroom.

For buyers who always wanted to own a recent model but never had the funds, here is a chance to get hold of a nearly new vehicle at a fraction of the usual screen price. Dealer salvage cars are often collision damaged and written off for insurance but in fact the car itself has an obvious and easily repaired dent; airbags are intact and the engine is in good running order with only a few miles on the clock. Newcomers to online auction always experience the same reaction – shock and delight at the cars available and at rock bottom prices.

Dealer salvage cars that are found at auction are usually damaged in some way, having survived a traffic accident of some kind. This does not mean the damage is significant or that it prevents the car from being safely returned to the road after appropriate repair. At auction the damage on each vehicle is clearly stated, sometimes with an estimate of what it will cost to repair. Mechanical defects are listed and occasionally there is an indication of parts being available along with the vehicle.

Repossessions are available at auction along with collision damaged vehicle. Repossessed cars can be a real bargain as sometimes payment defaults result in the car being repossessed after only a few months, leaving the vehicle up for grabs at auction at a knockdown all time low price.