Elite and Rebuildable Cars

For high-end elite and rebuildable cars, it's very important to work from the perfect raw material - a wrecked elite car. When looking for a car to rebuild, it's very important to consider the following:

  • Why the car was totaled
  • How many miles the car has
  • What kind of damage the car has
  • Whether the car has a bent frame, or has been in a floor or had other hard to repair damage
  • The importance of the car having good working parts to use as replacements for another car

Elite and rebuildable cars make great pet projects, or can even be resold for profit once rebuilt. But how do non-dealership buyers find the cheapest cars to work on? The answer is simple - online car auctions. That's why Auto Bid Master has spared no effort in creating a robust and intuitive online auction brokerage site that is literally for everyone. By signing up for a buyer's account with Auto Bid Master, rebuildable car buyers can browse used car auctions. By purchasing their wrecked cars at auction, buyers can save thousands of dollars on their elite cars. After the auction is completed, auto bidders can arrange for shipping of the vehicle.

Rebuilding a car can be an exciting hobby, or even a great investment. In order to get a great rebuild, however, it's important to use all original parts. By purchasing salvaged and wrecked cars of the same make, model, and year, it's possible to rebuild a classic car or a muscle car with all original parts. At the low prices available at auto auctions, this is completely feasible. Take the engine from one car, and the seats and windshield from another. If you've got good running parts, you can take hardware from a car that's got an unusable engine. Doors, hubcaps, seats, or mirrors may all be in original, pristine condition.

If you bid on an auction that's local to you, you can even visit the lot and kick the tires. If you aren't local, however, all the car auctions have plenty of images of all angles of the car, which will allow you to look for visible damage that may have not been fully disclosed.

Shipping a car can be expensive, so arrange shipping through Auto Bid Master, which is able to cheaply and effectively ship a car in a timely manner. Shipping alone can cost more than the car itself, so it's important not to overlook the importance of shipping a car purchase economically. Lack of planning in this area can derail a whole elite and rebuildable car budget.