Exotic Wrecked Cars for Sale

Luxury and exotic car owners know how expensive the automobiles they drive are to purchase and maintain. Original replacement parts and service for exotic cars tend to be priced much higher than similar items for domestic cars. One way you can save a lot of money if you drive a Porsche, Lamborghini, or other expensive import is to look for wrecked exotic cars for sale that you can strip for spare parts. Even if you don’t work on your car yourself, you might be able to talk your service shop into storing a wrecked model of the same make as yours to use for parts, instead of charging you retail prices for brand new aftermarket parts every time you need to have something on your car replaced.

If you don’t have much money, but have always dreamed of owning a sleek exotic car, looking for exotic wrecked cars for sale might be a good way to realize your dream. Many cars that have been in accidents are declared total losses by their insurers even though they may still be in reasonably good condition. As long as there is no damage to the frame or axles that could create future tire wear and handling problems, you may be able to buy an exotic wrecked car and restore it to good running condition yourself for a small fraction of what it would cost you to buy one new, or even a used one in good condition.

Try Online Salvage Sites for Exotic Wrecked Cars for Sale
Keep an eye on listings at online rebuildable car auctions and you might find the exotic car you are looking for. By buying a car through a salvaged car auction, you will save yourself the hassle of dealing directly with the vehicle owner, and you can get access to hundreds of auctions.

Just be sure to know what the laws are regarding salvaged cars in your state. If you intend to drive your salvaged car until it's too costly to continue fixing, then the type of title may not matter to you, but if you intend to re-sell your salvaged exotic car, make sure you can legally get a new title.

Don’t Bid Without Adding Up Costs
Before you bid on any exotic wrecked cars for sale, take time to estimate as accurately as you can what your total costs will be. Visit the salvage yard and inspect the car yourself if you are local. If not, check the images closely. Look for a dirty tailpipe, discolored transmission fluid, rust colored radiator fluid and other obvious signs that the power train might need major work. Check for signs of water damage that could indicate the car has been salvaged from a flood. Get your local body shop to give you a firm bid on body work and painting for you. Include the cost of transportation to get the car delivered to you.

Once you have all of your costs figured in, then you can decide how much to budget for the car you have your eye on. If you bid wisely, you could get yourself an exotic wrecked car to rebuild or strip for parts for pennies on the dollar compared to buying from a private owner or dealer.