Harley Davidson Motorcycle Salvage

Harley Davidson owners are extremely loyal to their bikes. Many Harley riders have motorcycles they have driven hundreds of thousands of miles. They do most of the repairs and maintenance themselves, or they are on first name terms with every mechanic at their local Harley shop. If you are one of these loyal Harley owners, you probably keep an eye out for good deals on replacement parts and used motorcycles. Looking online for Harley Davidson motorcycle salvage auction listings is a good way to find good parts and rebuildable bikes at exceptionally attractive prices.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Salvage Listings Online
Buying a wrecked motorcycle is a good way to build your inventory of good used parts, or to find a lightly damaged motorcycle that you can restore to good working condition. You can look for notices on the bulletin board at your local Harley shop, you can watch the classified ad in your local paper, and you can watch online auction listings for opportunities to buy at low prices. A motorcycle auction broker site like Auto Bid Master can also extend amazing deals on motorcycles, cars, trucks, RV's, and sometimes snowmobiles and recreational vehicles.

Purchasing Harley Davidson motorcycle salvage bikes through a salvage auction has a few advantages over buying through local advertising. You get access to a nationwide inventory, often with listings for used or wrecked motorcycles close to home so your transport fees will not be too high. You can also bid at auction without having to negotiate directly with the machine’s owner. The auction company makes the transaction a smooth and seamless operation, handling payments and all of the paperwork related to transferring title from the previous owner to you. For all of this, the auctioneer will charge a very reasonable flat fee or commission on the sale price.

Keep All of Your Costs in Mind When You Budget
Be sure you know exactly how much of a financial commitment you are making to your Harley salvage project before you decide how much to bid at auction. If you are looking for spare parts, find out how much used parts are selling for at a parts dealer so you can estimate what the wreck will be worth to you. If you are buying the wreck to rebuild it, get a good idea of what parts and labor will cost for all of the work you think the bike will need. In either case, it is a good idea to visit the salvage lot and physically inspect any items you might want to bid on, if it's possible. By looking at a wrecked motorcycle instead of just reading the auction description, you can get a good idea of what parts can be salvaged in working condition, or how much work the wreck will need to get it back out on the road. Once you know your costs, you can create a budget low enough to give you a great deal if you find the perfect match.