Harley Davidson Salvage Motorcycles

Restoring a Salvage Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Motorcycles and other vehicles are declared totaled and given a salvage title for a myriad of different reasons, and not all of them fair. Sometimes, the bike was already considered of relatively little value and an insurance company will deem even minor repairs as not cost effective. Occasionally a weather related occurrence such as flood damage will automatically total a barely damaged vehicle. A Harley Davidson motorcycle with a salvage title that only needs a minimum of TLC is great find and the perfect candidate for a beginner’s restoration project or a for-profit venture.

The truly intrepid Harley Davidson fanatic will probably not be satisfied with too-easy repairs. Luckily, there are a ton of salvage bikes that do deserve their title’s status, and will require a true labor of love for a full repair. Harley Davidson motorcycles that are in extremely poor condition also make excellent parts bikes, and can be incredibly cheap.

Online salvage auctions are a great source for salvage bikes – you can choose your price ceiling, what quality bike you want to start with, and location, age, and a variety of other factors.

Buying a Wrecked Harley Davidson Motorcycle
If you know the particular type of Harley you're interested in, you can search the motorcycle auctions by make and year. Once you find the perfect Harley, you can bid on it with through the reputable auction broker Auto Bid Master. After you've won the auction, just set up shipping through Auto Bid Master to get your motorcycle sent straight to you. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your bike at auction, instead of from a used Harley dealer.

After the Restoration
Once you’ve completed repairs and your Harley looks brand new again, you will want to keep things running smoothly through regular maintenance. Every year as riding season starts – typically the spring through early fall months – it’s time for “touch time.” Touch time is your quality time with your Harley, where you “touch” everything to make sure all is still running smoothly and looking great. Typically, this means investing some time in polishing, accessorizing and otherwise maintaining your Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you’ve kept your parts bike around, finding a new part for a needed repair should be quite easy, and will keep you from being tempted to cheap out by repairing with aftermarket parts rather than OEM. While aftermarket parts aren’t always of a lower quality than OEM, they can be, so be careful when deciding which parts to buy.