Heavy Duty Trucks for Sale in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a huge part of the Arabian Peninsula. Heavy duty trucks are valued highly for many industries. An improved inter-city road system covers the 2,250,000 km2
(1,398,085 mi2) desert country connecting densely populated areas with each other and with important commercial ports. As a result, you can find many dealers where you can buy heavy duty trucks, whether you are seeking a new or a used vehicle. Saudi Arabia encourages road transport with very low costs for petrol.

Consider the importance of transporting refrigerated cargo just across town! Then add the many miles of desert the drivers must travel to the next city. Refrigerated heavy duty trucks are very important for many types of cargo. In addition, these trucks must be durable and the drivers must be trained professionals to handle roadside emergencies.

Within the cities, heavy duty trucks are needed to haul refuse and petrol products. When buying a heavy duty truck in Saudi Arabia one must take extreme temperatures into consideration. Fortunately, the roads have been constructed to accommodate these temperature variations and to minimize the reflection from the sun's rays.

Regulations for heavy duty diesel trucks in Saudi Arabia are essentially designed to be the same as those for European countries. However, there is no enforcement agency infrastructure to ensure compliance yet. At this time, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is assessing the Euro IV standards for future implementation. Major companies strive to maintain their vehicles to meet these standards to ensure safety and to prepare for the day when compliance is required.

A simple search for heavy duty trucks for sale showed that the most available newer models are Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Isuzu and Nissan. When seeking used heavy duty trucks other companies were more commonly from Japan, China and India.

There is no doubt that markets for heavy duty trucks and construction machinery and transporting are experiencing rapid expansion in Saudi Arabia. The competition between major trucking companies is intense and each of them offers high quality performance to ensure safety and productivity for their clients.