How to Know About Salvage Titled Cars

The beauty of salvage titled cars is that you get way more car for your money. These vehicles have been written off by insurance companies due to serious damage requiring repairs at inhibitive costs, or they might have been theft recoveries. Insurance companies also write off cars more readily when there are no hospital bills to settle, so a car in this situation might be relatively undamaged. Salvage titled cars, regardless of their damage level, may be bought transparently with full knowledge of the amount of repair to be undertaken, making them great value for money.

People who buy salvage titled cars do so to get a great buy for lower outlay. The lower price puts the car within budget without having to take out car payments; always an attractive proposition! Salvage titled cars are so described to protect the rights of the buyer but this does not mean the car is any way less roadworthy; it simply means the car has been recovered, repaired and offered for resale at around 50 – 70% less than you would pay at a dealership.

Enthusiasts are veteran salvage titled cars purchasers because they are simply better informed than someone who might have only a passing interest – enjoy better purchase bargains because they use car auction agents intelligently to secure exactly the car they want at a knockdown cost - paying US5000 for a used Jaguar is a whole lot better than paying US$30,000 for the same model in the same condition from the showroom!

Buying salvage titled cars becomes a habit for some people who learn the value of paying a fraction of the cost and prefer to never buy a dealership car again. And it’s not as if you are buying blind – you know exactly what you are getting from the outset – a cheap car that has been professionally sourced, according to your own specifications. You want full leather trim? You only have to say so. You want minimal damage or less than 15,000 miles? Fine – you get what you can even arrange for the necessary inspections.

When buying salvage titled cars you can be specific about the kind of condition you are prepared to accept. For instance most people prefer not to take on a vehicle that has been water damaged or that has been totalled resulting in a warped frame. Such cars are invariably used for spares.

Cars that are bought on salvage title can become incredibly good value for money and the damage you have to deal with might be only a broken tail light or a full refurbishment. The obvious advantages include no car payments and no loan interest – ever!